Sunday, January 27, 2019

Bobov 48 warns his followers not to smoke marijuana

Who knew? Who knew that Bobover 48ers like pot..?

At any rate the Bobover Rebbe got wind of the fact that his chassidim smoke weed.... and told them ....
"Loi zee ha'derech" 

He also advised them to get medical exams and to stay away from fattening foods. 

Let's check back in a year and see how many are listening to him!!

hey ... guys .... just wondering ... Bobov 45 guys don't like pot??
Does it have to do with the streets ???
48 street ..Yes?
45 street ..No?
What about the avenues?????


Anonymous said...

But they're free to sell it.

Anonymous said...

As the song goes: Lord get me high....Higher....Higher....

That should answer your Great Query and Shayleh why only 48 not 45.....higher....

המוֹרַח וְדָאין said...

"Loi zee ha'derech:

הגשה במשטרת ירושלים תלונה רשמית נגד הרב חיים קנייבסקי, זאת בגין החזקת קנאביס בלתי חוקי

הסרטון הופץ בעולם, פורסם בעיתונים וברשתות התקשורת המובילות, ונחשף לעשרות מיליוני צופים ששיתפו אותו ברשתות החברתיות