Monday, January 28, 2019

Frum Guy With "Langeh Rekel" jumps into Ocean and saves surfer.... Captured on Film

A Frum surfer who decided that he wasn't going to surf on the Herzliya beach, due to the water's height,  saved the life of another surfer.
At 10:13, a report was received at the MDA 101 center in the Yarkon area: "A surfer was injured during a surfing, after apparently hitting the breakwater south of the marina in Herzliya."
The rescue organization's statement said paramedics and paramedics provided medical treatment and evacuated a 42-year-old man to Ichilov Hospital in a moderate condition, with bruises all over his body.
Dramatic images published by the photographer Nissim Aton reveal the exciting human drama in this story. A man with a full ultra-Orthodox appearance, could be seen fighting the waves, wearing his long coat deep in the sea .
"The same ultra-Orthodox man came to the beach to surf, but after a while he surfed, he noticed that the situation at the sea was dangerous -  so he got out of the water, sat on Beach to rest ".
And here the drama began: "After a few minutes sitting there, he noticed that there was another surfer, who was actually drowning."
Without hesitation, the ultra-Orthodox  "He jumped into the water to save the surfer who drowned, and at the end of all the effort he succeeded."
It was Nissim Eton, the photographer, who summoned Magen David Ador , while he also managed to document the drama, which, as stated, ended well: the life of the Israeli who drowned was saved.
Another photographer, Dror Ezra, wrote: "At the southern beach in Herzliya, a regular surfer got in trouble and got stuck on the rocks, was badly wounded and was evacuated in an ambulance ... I did not see what happened, "I do not know his name, but he definitely deserves a medal and appreciation," the photographer added excitedly in a post he published.

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