Monday, January 21, 2019

Chusid Who Dresses Like a Girl Shouts His "Shalosh Seudah Torala" To a Bunch of Goyim


Anonymous said...

The truth is, he - who comes from a family of good speakers - can't go into any men's section of a shul and give his shalosh seudos torah. Neither can he give it to women who'll kick him out of there. Does he have another choice but speak to goyim? But what kind of yetzer hara is lecturing to a group of goyim who have no idea what he's talking about? The yetzer hara is known as מלך זקן וכסיל. Boy did he take a lot of that foolishness.

By the way, can't he change his masculine voice with hormone pills?

When is this guy gonna realize his lunacy?

Frum but normal said...

DIN,you forgot to mention were exactly this pervert and swine made his speech,it was made at the antisemitic and vicious anti Israel "Womens March"
where even the secular liberal jewish organizations pulled out because of their blatant anti Israel antisemitism,but this filthy pervert and Jew hating swine Abby Stein who grew up and went to Satmar schools and yeshivas,even though he went of the derech and threw away everything,but it seems the deep hatred for Israel that he was inculcated with in that house of horrors called Satmar that remained with him

Anonymous said...

Can we have a but if background info for the newbies?

Anonymous said...

Refiah shlaima