Thursday, January 17, 2019

Chassidim "Tuchis Lekking" The Anti-Semitic New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand!!

Chassid smiling like a "chulent bundel" 


The Tuchis Lekkers said...

Unholy chabad Business. “the third-rail of American journalism.”

Newsweek (reporter Nina Burleigh) calls "Israel, Mossad, Chabad" American journalism’s ‘third rail’. !!!

“Interesting thread,” Burleigh replied; “To answer your final question, Israel, Mossad, Chabad, and black cube … you’re hitting the third rail of American journalism, Sarah".

The deep State EREV-RAV:

Enough is enough said...

The guy in your photo is Alexander Rapaport, founder of Masbia, who is notorious for that type of thing.

Last week he appeared in a video at DeBlasio's State of the City event saying “for Chasidic families, New York is the best place to live in”.


When they are passing and pushing toeivah and other immorality into law left and right? When people are crying out about a gezeira on chinuch? For just two areas of concern.

What planet is he on?

Yiddishkeit isn’t PR uber alles. -

See also his recent airport PR stunt -

FYI said...

A relevant/related post from your past showing The Friedlander Gang fawning over Gillibrand -