Monday, January 21, 2019

Tu Be'Shvat At the Friedlanders

I think that photo was taken last year. 
But I'm glad Ezra is spending time with family.....
At least during the time he fressses the fruit he is not helping Jew haters destroy Israel.

Ezra Friedlander makes money on the spilled blood of dead Jews.
He is now  busy putting together a big splash to present the Congressional Medal of Honor to a killer of Jews ....Anwar Sadat,Yemach shmo! 


Anonymous said...

Look!!! Pretend Jews. I wonder how many Jews in biblical times looked like this shower?

Friedlander Fraud show goes to NJ said...

He was busy last night trying to scam the people in Lakewood/TR, having his father fir a Tu Bishvat tish there.

He is trying to promote his father, the guy with like 2.3 Chasidim in BP, as some big Rebbe. So he promotes an event in TR-Lkwd with him. A small group shows up, which becomes "A large crowd" in the post event PR.

Does the guy ever take a vacation from spewing forth his phony PR?

Jerrold Nadler said...

the no goodnik ingrate was giving out free food but didn't invite me