Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Three Arabs arrested in connection with synagogue vandalism

Three Arabs have been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the desecration of the synagogue in the Kiryat Yovel neighborhood of Jerusalem, Channel 12 News reported on Tuesday.
According to the report, the police believe that the background to the break-in and the desecration of the Torah scrolls is criminal rather than nationalistic.

The vandals broke into the synagogue overnight, causing heavy damage to the furniture and the Torah scrolls.
In addition to the synagogue’s Torah scrolls, numerous prayer books were damaged or destroyed.
Synagogue officials notified local police, and an investigation into the break-in has been opened.

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion said, "This morning we were notified of a shocking incident of the desecration of a synagogue and the destruction of Torah scrolls in Kiryat Yovel. This is a grave event that is reminiscent of dark periods of the Jewish people. We will not permit such crimes to take place in our times.

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Anonymous said...

In what way is it criminal and not nationalistic? They didn’t even steal the silver!