Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Chareidie Mother of 10 convicted of injecting healthy son with insulin for welfare $$$

The Jerusalem District Court on Monday convicted a resident of the city of abusing her infant son after she repeatedly injected him with insulin in June of last year, even though he does not have diabetes.
The woman, a 30-year-old ultra-Orthodox mother of 10, admitted as part of a plea deal that she injected her one-year-old son on four occasions while he was hospitalized at Shaare Zedek Medical Center, causing his blood sugar levels to drop dangerously.
The mother supposedly did this to create the appearance that her child had diabetes in order to falsely claim welfare benefits. Though the police investigation involved suspicions that the mother had taken similar action with several of her other children, the eventual indictment only dealt with the infant’s case.
Her sentence will be given at a later date.
Police said at the time of the indictment that the woman and her husband, who was also arrested but later released, received some NIS 800,000 ($220,000) in total and that the benefit claim would be investigated.


Anonymous said...

Why are charedi women coerced into having so many children if they can ill afford, and/or are unable to care for them adequately? She must have been in abject despair to go to these lengths - I doubt it was solely for monetary gain.

SunnyMcCloud said...

there is strong evidence that suggests she did similar things to all her children before she reached a level of abject despair. Why is it so hard to believe some people are pure evil; including haredi mothers