Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Women’s March names Chassidishe "Purim Rav" Abby Stein and 2 Black Jewish women to steering committee

The "Women's March" have a bunch of anti-Semites running the show, so to pacify liberal progressive Jews, they named 3 Jewish Women to join the steering committee; they will now join the evil Sarsour, and the openly anti-white anti-Semite Tamika D. Mallory.
They hope that now, with this fantastic cover, maybe the Jews will shut up while they keep pushing their agenda of destroying Israel!

They searched high and low and couldn't get anyone that would want to join these "farbissineh" low lives ... but after doing "bedikas chumatz" they found someone ........ yup ...

When Abby Stein dressed as a chusid

A guy ...... yes ... it's true ... 
they found a GUY who thinks he is a lady!!!

A guy who has  Purim all year round ... a former Chusid that enjoys joining girls in the bathroom, a lunatic who dresses like his sister and takes hormones.

To make it more real they managed to convince two other "typical Jewish" women who "happen" to be black to join their "Jew Hating Circus."

One with a nice Jewish sounding name 

April Baskin .... 

and the other lady is
Yavilah McCoy 

I heard that they approached the "capo" Ezra Friedlander (not confirmed) and asked him if he would join, mistaking him for "The Bearded lady" but he declined this great opportunity saying that he was doing his part destroying Israel by backing the "Iran Deal" and that he would rather be busy giving a "Jew Killer" Anwar Sadat a Congressional Award!!

What I find interesting is there is not one jewish woman amongst the 3 who could be called "mainstream".

As I mentioned, one is a transgender and the other 2 are black.

The leaders of the march are pretty much black and or Muslim and the demographic that makes up the actual marchers is white. 

They are trying way to hard to be inclusive and they are basically excluding the very group they are trying to court.
This gives new meaning to the term "Court Jew".

I would love a list of everyone who slammed the phone down in disgust or slammed the door in their face when asked.

These three were clearly not the top of the list.   

The US Women’s March, which has come under fire in recent months for its leaders’ handling of anti-Semitism allegations, has named three Jewish women to its steering committee.
On Monday, the March announced its new 32-member steering committee. The Jewish members are transgender rights activist Abby Stein; Union for Reform Judaism staffer April Baskin; and Jewish diversity activist Yavilah McCoy.
Stein, a formerly Hasidic transgender woman, has worked to raise awareness for transgender people as well as those leaving ultra-Orthodox Judaism.
Baskin is the former vice president of audacious hospitality for the Union for Reform Judaism and is a former president of the Jewish Multiracial Network.


Anonymous said...

"Abby" Stein will run from the Women's March with his tail between his legs if it'll pass Williamsburg and children and who knows who will run after him screaming, "Sruli Stein, Sruli Stein, Sruli Stein...."

Anonymous said...

He's such a cute holy rabbi
At least he doesn't rape little boys in the mikvah

Androgynous said...

Careful DIN, Stein could sue you

Dusiznies said...

He will sue me because I called him a 'guy?"
Because I said he goes into "girls bathrooms?" Doesn't he?