Saturday, January 26, 2019

Leftists Now Fighting the "MAGA" Hats ...

Earlier this week we commented on the controversy involving an "Alter Kocker" Native American "veteran" banging his drum in the face of a high school kid wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.
Leftists were outraged and accused the kid of racism. There were many vicious tweets—some calling for violence against the kid and his high school, including some death threats. 
Then the Indian vet was shown to be a fraud. He didn’t serve in Vietnam and in fact he was a professional protestor and agitator. He aggressively zoomed in on the hat-wearing kid to provoke a reaction, to be used against Trump and his supporters. 
I thought the story would quickly die down once it was proven that the Indian was the aggressor. I expected the Deep State media to ignore the story since it wasn’t going their way, but the reporting dragged on. I began to realize it wasn’t about the kids at all, but rather the MAGA hats they wore.


Chaim be'la'oi said...

2 important parts of the story are the so called Black "Hebrew" accomplice standing behind the Red man, a long time anti-Establishment agitator who is known to police. And that some citizens wearing MAGAs have in the past have been physically attacked by Marxist Democrats but such incidents are largely ignored by the pro-Billary-Obama media

Vus zugt DIN? said...

a small modern orthodox group who became anti-Zionist & are even bigger hypocrites than Satmar, grubbing as much gelt as they can from the Medina