Monday, January 14, 2019

Lakewood Mother Finds Nanny Smothering Child With Pillow

Crazy Story .... I don't get why the family didn't call police???
Offers to drive her to the bus? Whats wrong with people isn't that your child her off a cliff.
He called the agency? And now he is ok because the "agency is investigating?"
Something doesn't add up....
A Lakewood father  awoke during the night to hear his 4-week-old infant screaming, and then suddenly stopping. The father ran to the door of the newborns bedroom, where he listened from outside. he heard silence, and then suddenly heard shrieking. 
The mother barged into the room to find their nanny standing over the the child with a pillow on her face.
The mother yelled “what are you doing”?!
The nurse responded “it’s not what it looks like”.
The husband ordered the woman out of his home during the night, and offered to drive her to a bus station.
TLS who spoke to the father exclusively said that he was wondering why the baby monitor wasn’t working properly, and now has reason to believe that it was tampered with.
The woman came from a reputable agency that provides live-in nannies. The agency is investigating the incident.

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