Thursday, December 31, 2015

Yoisef Mizrachi "The Revisionist" must be stopped!

"Holocaust Revisionist"  Mizrachi

We Frum Jews are being verbally attacked by an ignoramus parading around as a "Rabbi"! 

His statement that Hitler only killed 1 Million Jews, has already been picked up by the secular media and is causing a huge Chillul Hashem!

כל מקום שיש חילול השם אין חולקין כבוד לרב

We have been inundated with thousands of e-mails from outraged Jews, both Frum and secular,children of survivors, who claim that his lying statement is fodder for Holocaust deniers!

We will post his schedule of appearances so that serious G-D fearing Jews can protest peacefully, this maniacal lunatic!

Please refer back to this post as we will keep you abreast of his movements. We will update this post as we get information on this walking time bomb!

His personal cell is: (917)418-4141

He frequents the Bukharian Synagogue
Beit Eliyahu Bukharian
71-52 172nd Street
Fresh Meadows, NY 11366
(718) 809-8666 or (917)361-8318

His email:

He will lecturing and spewing his hateful garbage at 1617 ocean parkway corner Avenue P
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM 

Please protest peacefully!


Anonymous said...

There are European countries who would arrest him for this outburst on Holocaust denial charges.

Are you sure you want to publicize the locations? It might also attract Mizrachi supporters from Holocaust denying neo-Nazi & Islamist groups.

Anonymous said...

This criminally insane piece of human garbage must be run out of town and put out of business's,this PIG is doing immense damage to the Jewish nation,
I recall hearing a tape from this arrogant BASTARD ,claiming to know exactly why the holocaust happened and exactly what sins were responsible for it.
In other words this EVIL MONSTER is preaching ,that off the six million murdered Jews ,five million were not even Jews and the other one million had it coming to them,so why should we make a big deal out of it ?
This evil DEVIL must be stopped at all cost,this KAPO BASTARD should be followed by thousands of caring Jews at
every place he appears and shouted down and prevented from spewing his Nazi garbage,I myself promise to be there tonight and do everything in my power to prevent him from spewing his garbage on the jewish people ,whose thousands of you will join.
DIN you are doing a great service for AM YISROEL by exposing our own KAPOS of this generation

Anonymous said...

Please correct time and location Tues Jan 5 2016 1617 Ocean parkway at Ave P

at 8 to 10pm

Anonymous said...

Hes not the first phoney rabbi claiming to know why the Holocaust happened. Why are u only picking on him.

Anonymous said...

Remove this page and make tshuva. This Rabbi has tirelessly brought back thousands of lost jewish people back to God.
Saving 1 Jew is saving the world and by now he is a legend in the kiruv world.