Saturday, November 7, 2015

Chareidim no longer relying on "betachon" and "Torah Learning" and learn self defense!

Very interesting, these are the same Chareidim that mocked Zionists claims of "Koichie V'etzem Yadie" (based on our own power)! Yet here see them doing the same thing that they chastised the IDF with!


Anonymous said...

No those are not the chareidim who mocked and will always mock the mekor haznus aka tzahal/idf, and besides it will help them oif toita bankes, as long as there's a Zionist regime no peace will ever be in that country, those who contributed and who to a certain degree caused the holocaust can't and won't succeed they'll end up the same as all SONEI YISROEL

Dusiznies said...

Just wondering if the "mekor haznus aka tzahal/idf, " is also responsible for my burnt chulent this week?
Maybe the " "mekor haznus aka tzahal/idf, "" is also responsible for the Satmar gangster brothers taking each other to secular court?

Anonymous said...

When you'll know why we're eating chulent you'll know why yours burnt and mine didn't, and regarding the satmar gangster brothers the answer is MAYBE

Anonymous said...

".... no peace will ever be..."
Right. So long as you guys , and the other dynasties make no peace, there will be no peace. Midah keneged midah. And THAT is the Mekor aka... SONEI YISROEL, of it all.
Your own words speak for themselves.

de Heen & de Hoon..... toite bankes