Monday, September 15, 2014

Meisels Israeli Seminaries give a new meaning to Loshon Harah!

Dear loyal readers, 

I was really hoping that before the Yomim Noraim, I wouldn't have to write or report bad tidings. I'ts a time of reflection and a time of Teshuvah, and I really wanted to take a break. Well, the "Samach Mem" won't let me rest. 
Yesterday in response to an article that I posted on July 23, 2014, titled, "R' Kahane's letter to Chedvas Seminary telling them to "shut up" about Meisels,  I got an email, that made me blow my stack. 
But first  let me briefly update you on what's happening. 
The truth is that the story is now so complicated, that I lost track myself of the present situation. Suffice it to say, that some innocent teenage girls flew 5,665 miles  to Israel to Seminary, to reinforce their spirituality, and lo and behold, Mr. Meisels, owner of three Seminaries took advantage of them, sexually. 
Then R. Kahane, a mechanech at Chedvas Seminary, a Meisels Seminary,trying hard to contain the damage, sent an email to the girls that they are in effect prohibited to speak "loshon hara" and cannot disclose to anyone that Meisels is an admitted sexual predator. Better to let him roam around and contaminate innocent souls than tell the world that there is a sexual predator on the loose. 
If you want to read the story in detail read Frumfollies '
Now read the email and then my thoughts:

Anonymous said...
If people actually knew what the Chafetz Chaim said, they would know that Rabbi Kahane was NOT wrong when he wrote in this private email to a few Chedvas alumni that “…And even l’toeles the halacha is that it’s assur to believe it.”

If you have ever learned Hilchos Lashon Hara, you know that they are vast and complicated. The Chafetz Chaim makes a clear differentiation between acting on lashon hara to protect oneself (and no further) and believing and accepting it wholeheartedly to be true. The latter is what Rabbi Kahane was referring to in his letter.

If you want to twist this to claim that Rabbi Kahane was telling girls not to report abuse to authorities (although his letter was written after the whole Meisels scandal had gone public) that is your choice. But please do not do so on a public forum.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Blogger: You are a rare breath of fresh air and truth. I admire your commitmentto stand up against the hypocrisy and phony rabbis. As you know, the so-called "rabbis" who commit evil acts do more to destroy respect of Torah than all the anti-Semitism of the world combined. Keep up the good work. How many young people have been turned away from Judaism due to the acts of irresponsible, selfish "rabbis" who are out for themselves and their own fun and pleasure at the expense of innocent girls and boys, contrary to everything the Torah stands for, utter hypocrites! How many Ba'al Tshuvas get turned off after they learn about these phony religious leaders who know how to make money off of Torah and then on top of it abuse the children that come to them for spiritual sustenance and learning? shame on them and praises to you for calling it like it is. We need more people like you and less, far less, of them.

Dusiznies said...

to 9:45
It is because of supporters like you, that makes it all worthwhile.
Thank you