Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gedolim Daven at Kosel Just Hours Before Rosh Hashanah, Ignoring and defying Satmar Ban!

The Gedoile Hador of our generation are "fifing" (whistling)  at the R' Yoel Teitelbaum's (first Satmar Rebbe) ban to go to the Kosel, and came in mass to be mispallel at the Holiest Jewish Site! People are starting to realize, finally, that the "shita" is totally irrelevant and want to take our religion back from the fanatics that scream at holy people that do not hold from the shita, "Koifrim" "Apikorsim" "Yemach Shemo" etc etc... 
During these 10 days of Awe, let us all side with Gedolim that advocate love of every single Jew!
This gathering of Gedoilie Yisroel Erev Rosh Hashona at the Kosel, thumbing their fingers at the "haters"  is a message to all of us and is a great start!
G'Mar Chasima Tova!


Anonymous said...

Typical sarcastic Derby, knowingly writing gibberish nonsense irrelevant comments, spewing sinas chinom, because of his unfathomable hate to authentic original unadulterated Judaism, hoping that nobody will see through his thin farce, & relying on the fact that few.(if any) enriched hidden subscribe to his morally bankrupt blog.

Anonymous said...

What nonsense, the heilige divrei yoel did not forbid klal yisroel from going to the kosel, he only proposed the idea, basing that concept so that we should not have any obligations or goodwill to the Zionists who mostly are sonei yisroel ( & I would include DERBY among those), many chasidim of the Rebbe, particularly those who had already previously gone to the kosel, continued doing so, so NOBODY that accepted the rebbes proposition & prohibition decided or realized to change their ways, and only those people & gedolim that had not accepted his proposition then keep on going, on the contrary, over the years there have been many many instances that people have come to realize that the rebbe was a CHACHAM ADAF MINAVI, SHEKAL DEVARAV EMES VATZEDEK, I would venture to say, that many thousands of people don't go to the kosel coming to realize the deeply ingrained sinas hadas that permeates the Israeli government, but of course when DERBY sees as chance to berate the rebbe he jumps on it, even if he himself knows he's wrong.

Anonymous said...

There are so many inaccuracies (I am being polite, others will say there are many lies), in this blog entry, I'm not sure I can count all of them, number one, the holy Rebbe never ever called anyone "koifer" or any of the other names, just because they went to the kosel, (as a matter of fact, the rebbe himself used to go to the kosel prior to the zionists procuring it), second to it, all these pictures clearly show only those people & gedolim at the kosel, who never belonged in the satmar sphere of influence, Derby stop vomiting your selfish selfhate on innocent decent people.

Dusiznies said...

To 6:35
I'm not Derby, you freak!
The Rebbe absolutely prohibited anyone from going to the Kosel
Listen to track 45, from the Rebbe's Shalosh Seuda Toireleh Parshas Korech 1967...
you can get the MP3 with the booklet titled "Shimu Devar Hashem"

Dusiznies said...

To 6:53
Listen to track 4, track 12, track 28, track 62, from the MP3 Shalosh Seudois Toirelech, Parshas Nusoih, Parshas Shlach, Parshas V'yishlach
and you can hear with your own very ears, the Rebbe calling Shoimre Torah U'mitzviois Jews .... "Koifrem, Apikorsim< and Minim"
You don't have to believe me, you can buy this mp3 in any Seforim store...
As you see, my dear readers, some people even after listening to the "holy words" themselves from the "holy mouth" of the Rebbe... will still deny it..
The Rebbe said those words and much worse as you will see and hear after I post them on this site after Yom Kippur!

Dusiznies said...

To 6:53
As far as you comment:
"all these pictures clearly show only those people & gedolim at the kosel, who never belonged in the satmar sphere of influence"
I got news for you....No respected Godel belonged to the irrelevant "sphere of Satmar"
If anyone pretended to be.... it was because of intimidation from the uncivilized Romanian Satmar barbarians!

Anonymous said...

To 6:05 & hi$ other$, and more of hi$ other$ that'll $urely follow..

I'll grant that you write Engli$h quite well, which lead$ me to the que$tion as to who urge$ you to keep defending $tuff that already ha$ long been di$credited.
Tho$se circle$ have long been known to urge Engli$$$ $$$$peaking writer$$$$ to defend and attack in new$$$$$$paper$$$$ and web$$$$ite$$$..

Ju$$$$$t curiou$$$$$$.

Shochad has a tendency to confu$$$$$e people and their identitie$$$$...
I'm Derby, not the blog owner .... a$$$$ you $$$urely know, but are preening, acting, and pretending...

Gee... And we'll $$$$till in A$$$$$ere$$$$$ yemei T$$$$uvah..

".....authentic original unadulterated Judaism...""""

Cluck, cluck..!!! You don't $ay ???

PS... I'm pretty $ure that you don't under$tand Yiddi$h, $o you're not $$$$$$$$$atmar,... $o what exactly I$ your background ?

Anonymous said...

Of course, you know it all, you know that all the gedolim rabbanim vetzaddikim only played lip service to the 'you call it "the Shitta", your so full of it, that even you can't stand yourself, you self hating self loathing Jew, deep in your heart you wish you wernt born to Jewish parents, unfortunately for you there is nothing you can do about that, so you spend the time of your miserable life, venting your self hate upon others, & especially thrashing the most righteous, for they espouse the fact, that you don't want to believe, that original authentic unadulterated Judaism is a happy & joyous experience. You & your maskilish blog
Will wind up in the rubbish bin together with all the reformers of days bygone, & the holy Rebbe of Satmar will be honored & revered by all till we will be redeemed by eliyahu & moshiach. It's about time that you should realize that your rantings are in vain, you're fighting a lost battle, the orthodox ehrliche yidden are by now convinced, by nobody other than the zionist medinah themselves, that the rebbes holy eyes saw what many others including some gedolim didn't see or believe could happen. Witness the major hafganos in eretz yisroel, Europe, & the USA, against giyus bnei yeshivos, witness the fact that most litvish Rosh yeshivos are now admitting that it was a major mistake to receive money for yeshivos battei chinuch lebanos, kollelim etc. They the Lakewood Russian brisk etc are firmly in the camp of Satmar, whereas there is no tzibbur that once was with Satmar that holds now otherwise. I know & understand that it's bitter pill to swallow, to always be on the wrong side of the truth, & I emphasize with you, but the sooner you realize that you're wrong the easiest it's going to be to come to terms with the facts. All you're doing is being mosif cheit al pesha, your arguments are silly, you're facts are twisted to the point of stupidity, you're just making a mockery of the torah & a big fool of yourself, there is no better time than now, aseres yemey tshuva, to repent & admit, something that deep in your heart you know, you're wrong, in the same token there is no worse time than now to keep on doing the wrong thing. Chazor bach, chazor bach.

Anonymous said...

Has it crossed your warped mind that there is something called TORAS EMES, & that is still important & relevant to many, including yours truly. Seems to those that read your comments, that those lofty ideals never play any role at all in your blogosphere, therefore you can't even for a second think that way. But I want you to start thinking positively, we yehuddim received the torah min hashomayim thru Moshe rabbeinu who was our intermediary, moshe emphasize emes vesoraso emes, VAYOEL MOSHE EMES. N.b. thanks for your compliment on my writing.

Anonymous said...

Sheker! Sheker! See defer hakadosh al hageulah paragraph 88, page 142, & I'll quote "therefore for sure it's advisable to refrain from going there ( the model & all other holy places that were occupied by the Zionists). So there you have it, one lie following another even as one lie fades.

Anonymous said...

P. 139 , parag 88 of Al Hagula..
" And the inyan of going to the Kosel Hamaravi and other mekomos Hakdoshim which were now conquered that I said that one should refrain from going, there are many reasons.." No "advisable" (ru'ooye)

The poster's p. 142, a few lines earlier, same paragraph ... " There are many reasons to refrain bichlall from going there..." No "advisable"

Lakewood/Brisk is happily a minority of all frum Jews and not the mainstream at all. Much to the chagrin of our delusionist and wishful thinker.

"...Witness the major hafganos in eretz yisroel, Europe, & the USA, against giyus bnei yeshivos, witness the fact that most litvish Rosh yeshivos are now admitting that it was a major mistake to receive money for yeshivos battei chinuch lebanos, kollelim etc..."
Giyus: Most everybody should be drafted..
Taking money a mistake: Please refrain from using the toilet, traffic lights, paved roads, garbage collection and dismantle the army young men & women risking their blood to protect ingrates.
Hafganos: a euphemism for throwing rocks on Shabbos, cursing Jews and shaming them in public. And this, my friends, is what this delusionist calls Toras Emes...But leave it to this delusionist ( and paid agent ???) to Brisker away and Lakewood- convolute, simple facts that cannot be denied by any sane observer.

Al Hagula also urges not to visit the Mearat Hamachpela, because it wasn't the ratzon of Hashem , since our ancestors, including the Ari Hakadosh never went there. Don't let that get in the way of a little factoid that for hundreds of years, the local Arabs refused to allow Jews past the 4th step of that edifice. Besides, His ratzon today IS to let His Jews come and daven there.

Debonair Derby....
Author of " Pucker Up !---- the Bottom line on How to Kiss Up"
illustrated,142 pages and $29.99.

"Hailed by critics as the definitive book " Ingrid Chazor bach,,, aka... chazer bechhooo!!!

Anonymous said...

Final word on Al Hagula..

It's not worth my time to endlessly discuss it, nor waste the chasheve readers' time, but a word is in order.

He makes awful accusations about Zionists, misrepresents facts, distorts facts, implants "facts" and offers no proof of ANY of his accusations. NONE... ZERO... ZILCH...
Instead what he does, is write phrases like " Here is not the place to get into it..... Here is not the place to add more.... I'm not getting into the politics, but as everyone knows... This is not the place to go into detail..."
This book would be banned in any fair court of law, and any law student taking 101 will tell you same.
The selective hearing poster above, who refuses to explain his presence on the "Net, nor will he respond to query about his background, is an obvious cultist and bigot.Thinks that Lakehood, Trisk,& Sakmar are the predominant trend among the frum masses, when the opposite is true... At least now... Somehow thee$$$$$$$e apparatchnick$$$$$ are infiltrating the ma$$$$,$$$$$$e$$$$$$$. That's why we must battle these hijakers and pirates..

What a holy experience to visit the Kotel Kever Rachel. Mearat Hamachpela, etc...... Millions of " YEHUDIM" ( quoting the delusionist above )have streamed there and streaming still.
What the extremists are doing is belching up a discredited shittah because the Israeli government now wants them to work, join the army, and loosen control of the control freaks.

Awwwwww.....Well ain't that just too bad ?
You're sounding more & more like mama's boys ..

Mamma's boy to mamma : Mom, I'd like matzo ball soup tonite??
Mamma to her (48- something, balding ) mamma's boy :
No, It's onion soup, boy."Nuph o' that ..!!

Mamma's boy to mamma: , Well, in that case, I'm stopping to eat..

Mamma to her mamma's boy : Then starve.. !!

the Derby....
Friend texted me a photo of a Lakehood "freezer"... Anyone know where I can buy it ?
A Shidduch Freezer , me'lad... Get it ?? Toras Moshe , don't you know...and unadulterated yet..pefoowa.ha.ha.ha.ha..

Lemme stop...LoL

Anonymous said...

I rest my case, being you are just making cheap & corny jokes, I'll rely on the assumption that we all understand it's too painful for a person like you to admit that you're wrong, you haven't grown up yet emotionally, hopefully you'll eventually get there, game charisma tova.

Dusiznies said...

To 11:16
you write:
"Has it crossed your warped mind that there is something called TORAS EMES,"

Who says that what you and your ilk believes is "Toras Emes?"
Your people that say "Toras Emes" is the irrelevant shita, also chased the Kloizenberger Rebbe out of Williamsburg, Wrote "Yemach Shmo" on the BQE when the Belzer came to Boro Park, and cut the Peyos off those Satmarers that converted to Chabad!
They are also responsible for the thousands of deaths of those Jews who had the opportunity to escape Europe, and were told by the Satmarer Rebbe to stay put, while he escaped with the help of the Zionists!
So is that "Toras Emes" or is Toras Emes the advice of those Rabbonim that advised their flock to escape to Palistine?

Anonymous said...

You carry on just like a 5 year old your logic that is, whereas your lies amount to a war tested warrior, sounds like bipolar to me, ' du redts far fier UN vasser', mixing up things, quoting outof context, 'taano bechitin vehodu lo (bezecher kodsho....) Bisorin, 'lo karav zeh el zeh', you sound like someone ranting in a alcohol (or drug) induced stupor, 'hasiri es yenech', (maftir 1st day of rash hashana), its impossible to have a normal dialogue with someone in your stage, you sound like a 'mi sheachzo kurdeikos', (you probably dont understand much of what I wrote......), anyway gmar chasimo tovo..