Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Punishment of NOT Eating "Kreplach" on Shevuois

Loose Translation of the above writing in the sefer "Panim Me'eerim Shevuois"

It has been said  in the name of Harav Hakodosh Rebe Aaron Leib Hagodol, father of Harav Hakodosh Rebe Meir M'primishlan, that

" You can be certain that the ancestors of those who didn't eat Kreplach on the holiday of Shevuois, weren't by Har Sinai!"

The question now is: What happens is if I ate last year, but will skip this year, were my grandparents there or not!" 


Clarification said...

Rabbi Mair of Premishlan was famous for making comment which were not understood by people, and everyone knew they they didn't understand what he was saying. Rabbi Mair of Premishlan was a 'Wonder Rabbi' who's prayers were answered from heaven in a very open way, and who's language was understood well in heaven and not so well down here, and everyone knew it.

Anonymous said...

If no one understood
It then or nowadays, what's the point in making bizarre pronouncements with built-in punishments which make no sense to us ordinary people? Zealots they may be, no evidence whatsoever that they know the truth.

Clarification said...

Anonymous, I don't think that anyone is saying this nowadays. We repeat the words of the Tzaddik out of Chibas Hakodesh, and we understand not to take it literally and at the same time it gives over the tradition of eating Kreplach.

Anonymous said...

Although I agree that the comment is a little crazy to be fair it doesnt say as translated "you can be certain" it says its a siman. Not certain.