Monday, June 9, 2014

Frum Israeli Meshiginers Put Mechitza in Elevator!

After Israel’s Supreme Court declared mehadrin buses illegal, we are introduced to mehadrin elevators.

The ארמונות חן simcha hall in Givat Shaul, Yerushalayim, has set up a mehadrin elevator divided by a curtain that separates men and women in the elevator.

The elevator is optional, for guests who wish to offer this new mehadrin service. A nylon curtain is placed in the elevator, permitting men and women to ride without seeking one another, in theory at least.

Hall owner Yosef Cohen told Walla News that on the day of one’s chupah, many wish to be especially careful regarding shmiras einayim and this is just another way of assisting them, nothing more.
Cohen adds that one hall in Bnei Brak has two elevators, one for men and a second for women but he purchased the hall, which only has one elevator so this is the solution for those wishing it. When asked what he has to say to the critics, Cohen questions why anyone finds this bothersome since it is only used upon request of a bal simcha.

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