Wednesday, June 25, 2014

10,000 "ghost apartments" in Yerushalyim will now pay double taxes

It's about time the government cracked down on these "richies".

Walk down the streets of Rechavia and you will find the streets empty  of children. Rich Americans and "Euro-pishers" are investing and buying apartments in Yerushalim and leaving them empty a whole year.
There are now at least 10,000, what the government calls "ghost apartments."

This has reduced the housing supply, resulting in under-uninhabited neighborhoods.

On top of the 10,000 empty apartments in Yerushalyim, there are 1,500 abandoned buildings.
The government will now double the property taxes if an apartment is un-inhabited for nine months of the year.

I have a rich friend who owns two empty apartments. Once a year, on Succos, he brings his family to Yerushalyim, and sits in his Succah with his starched white shirt with his initials embroided on his sleeve, and sips  his Gamla wine, while Avreichim have no where to live, because he refuses to rent his apartments.

One sunny day, I asked him,"why do you need these apartments? Isn't cheaper to go to a hotel?"
So he answers very seriously: "I'm a student of history so I keep these apartments, so  I'll have where to run, when they come rounding up the Jews again!"


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Anonymous said...

The wise guy is so positive that in rounding up Jews , they'll then let him emigrate. If he's a student of history as he claims, he'll perchance notice that the German Reich closed the borders. AND confiscated bank accounts.

But dream on, Yeedle, dream on. In the meantime tax them triple, Israel. When I visited there last, I was struck by the number of empty homes in rechavia and even near center of Jerusalem.
I guess if you're a golus lover, a sir habosor'nick, you do 2 things. Keep an apartment in Israel and get yourself buried there. NO, not live there but when you kick it in, bother your family to travel with your Deadness and force them to fly in on your yahrtzeit. Many rabbonim already commented on the fact that EY is NOT a cemetery, but a LIFE for Jews.
Derby, en route to--------