Sunday, June 29, 2014

IDF Arrests Father of Kidnapper .. Mother of Kidnapper says she is proud of her Terrorist son

Omar Abu Aysha
The Hamas-affiliated newspaper Al-Resalah is reporting that the father of an at-large suspect believed to be involved in the kidnapping of three Israeli teens was taken into custody by IDF soldiers during a series of overnight raids in Hebron on Sunday. ( reports that Omar Abu Aysha, father of kidnapping suspect 32 year-old Amer Abu Aysha, was one of seven Palestinians arrested in a 190-location sweep by the IDF early Sunday morning.

Amer Abu Aysha disappeared immediately following the kidnappings and has yet to resurface.

Questioned about his son’s whereabouts last week, Omar Abu Aysha denied having any knowledge of where his son is, saying only that Amer quickly exited a family gathering hours before the kidnappings occurred.
Amer’s mother said that she too had no knowledge of his whereabouts, but added that she would be proud of him if he was involved in the crime and hopes he continues to evade authorities.

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