Thursday, June 12, 2014

Yeshivaworld blog permits killing insects! Thank G-D!

THE YESHIVA WORLD has an Halachic Column, and in this column Rabbi Levovitz of the Chof K rules that you can kill the mosquito that's about to sting your toddler! Thanks alot, Rabbi!
In the footnotes, מראה מקומות, they quote Rabbi Belsky!
What is wrong with us? Are we that crazy?

Are you telling me that a guy saw his child about to be bitten by a wasp so he ran to call R' Belsky to get permission to kill the bee?

This question is not a shabbos question, no, it's about killing a spider on a typical Monday!

I want to know which meshiginer asked this Shealeh?

Notice that they write "Many poskim", in other words there are poskim who hold that it is prohibited!

Tell your exterminators to stay home. Let the cockroaches have a field day! Some poskim want them to rule your crib, guys!
Would you eat cholant in a shul where the Rabbi abides by these poskim?

My friends, mosquitoes and roaches are carriers of major diseases; bees can actually kill if you are allergic to the sting!

Read the following and laugh!

During the summer, insects often make their way into homes and bungalows where they can be very annoying. Many poskim say there is no issur to kill insects or flies (during the week) which are bothersome to a person. One is permitted to hang up sticky paper on the wall,[20] or to use an electric fly killer.[21] 

[20] Horav Yisroel Belsky Shlita, see Halachos Of The Country page 13:footnote 23, V’ein Lumo Michshal 5:page 93, Vihiy B’nsoa page 238:1. Refer to Ezer Mekodesh E.H. 5:14, Yad Ha’Levi C.M. 10:page 395.

[21] Horav Yisroel Belsky Shlita, see Avnei Yushfei 1:80:1.

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Its Khof-K not Star-K and not Cup-K either.

You need to check facts BEFORE you post if you want to stay reliable.