Sunday, June 15, 2014

Are the Chareidim seeing the light, that Klall Yisroel needs the IDF as well?

Here is an op-ed from the Yeshivah World Blog....
what a turn around.

Why is it that only a tragedy opens the eyes of the frum world? Why must we throw stones at Jewish Sodiers? I don't get it?
If you don't want to serve, don't serve, but don't insult them!

Here read the article!

Three boys in Israel are feared kidnapped and the country’s Army is immediately deployed in a massive search for them.
276 teen age girls are confirmed kidnapped by Boko Haram in Chibok, Nigeria in April and the government announced no immediate plans to secure their release.

In the hours following the report of the three missing teens, screaming bulletins are sent by leaders in every community in Israel and the Jewish world over, imploring prayers be said for their safe return.

It is at the top of the news and will remain so in every Jewish publication until they are found.

Eight weeks after the Nigerian kidnapping there is nary a whimper of news concerning the missing girls. Moreover, an additional 20 girls are kidnapped this past week by Boko Haram from a neighboring village.

The World Cup soccer consume the headlines not the saga of nearly 300 missing girls.

When the Nigerian government finally announces a search for the missing girls Boko Haram, the terrorist kidnappers, attack yet another village slaughtering scores of men, women and children.

The terrorists retaliate against the government in a defiant show of force as if to say how dare you search for the missing girls.

The Nigerian government is offered – initially declines, then reluctantly accepts – provisions of help from the US military and other countries to help in their search for the girls. They are too proud it may show weakness and a lack of independence.

In Israel when terrorists attack the government responds with impunity.

The Israeli Army announces that the entire defense establishment, intelligence units, and the General Security Services are doing their all to immediately find these teenagers.

Israel stands ready to accept any glimmer of assistance to aid in the search for these boys even collaborating with Palestinian officials, including sworn enemies.

The world cup soccer match is the most popular world sport watched by billions of people. Nigerians, rabid soccer fans as any other on the African continent and beyond, fear public gatherings lest they be the target of yet more Boko Haram butchery. This group of killers has effectively paralyzed a nation.

By contrast the terrorist kidnappers in Israel have galvanized a nation with all eyes transfixed on the military search, on prayers for three families’ safe return of their sons.

Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa is home to 166 million people.

Israel, the smallest nation in the Middle East is home to 6 million Jews.

In a nation of 166 million the lives of 300 girls doesn’t seem to take precedence over governments’ narcissism. The Army exists to serve the government.

In Israel the Army exists to serve the nation. Every Jew is a nation.

- David Mandel, CEO of OHEL

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