Friday, June 20, 2014

Jewish Community Want to Know Why the Kabbalists are not revealing where the Kidnapped Boys Are?

Kabbalists, Handreading Rabbonim, and Mindreading Rabbonim  that can see in the future, keep coming to America from Israel, telling people that they can see the future and they reveal all kinds of secrets for the people that give them money!

So why won't they tell us where the kidnapped teenagers are? Why are we putting our precious soldiers  in danger when there are "Tzaddikim" that know where they are?

How come these guys can tell me, how many children I  have, and if my wife is my real zivug, but won't tell me what the world wants to know?

Why, oh why, are they torturing the parents of the kidnapped teenagers?

I have the solution to this problem:
If these guys won't tell us, where they are, I think the IDF should arrest them and execute one Kabbalist every hour on the hour, until they reveal to us this secret!


Anonymous said...

what kind of a stupid post is this?

Anonymous said...

hey Anonymous,are you stupid? don't you realize the writer of this blog is being facetious,he is just trying to prove to all you ignorant stupid savages who keep running to these rip off artist gangster mekabolim and rebbes ,that they are nothing but fake phony and frauds.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:31
calm down

Anonymous said...

hey, other anonymous, no i'm not stupid and i don't go running off to phony mekubalim. but this blog posting is a complete rant with no real purpose. if he really cared about the people being ripped off he would put out a warning, not a total rant where he comes off as a madman with an axe to grind.
(and why do you consider ignorant people who get ripped off by phonies to be savages? don't you feel bad for them?)

the man said...

Again you are right on the money guys if these phonies would know where the innocent teenagers they would have gone to the police to claim the reward of 500,000 shekulim.