Monday, June 23, 2014

Frum Guy sells Mezzuza with Cross to the Goyim...

A Yiddishe Kup .....

A Jewish man from Queens is offering Christians an idea from his religion to theirs — a Christian mezuzah.
Henry Zabarsky’s Christooza is a hollow plastic cross containing a piece of prayer-inscribed parchment — which, like the traditional Jewish mezuzah, is also intended to be affixed to doorposts.
“I was visiting a client in Rockaway. She’s very religious — Catholic. There were pictures of Jerusalem everywhere, crosses. And I was thinking, Jews have this mezuzah — so why not create one for everyone else?” said Zabarsky (above), 43, a financial adviser.
The crosses sell on his Web site for $20, with several prayer options, including an Irish house blessing and a Catholic prayer for the home. A custom blessing fetches an additional $5.

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