Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Israeli Yated says that Kidnapping Happened because Israel wants to Draft Chareidim!


Arutz Sheva  reports that  a scathing article appeared in today’s Israeli Yated Neeman, that says in effect that  the government of Israel is  responsible for the kidnapping of three teenage boys.

Thursday night’s act of terrorism is a direct result of the Israeli government’s effort to draft Chareidim into the army, writes the Yated,
“Statistically, every time that the government has tried to harm those who learn Torah, something terrible has occurred.”

Isn't that what the murdering Arabs are writing, that it is the fault of the Jews?

The Yated article says that the kidnapping of three boys who have no military involvement but were just going home to their families violates the standards of justice even for terror organizations and goes on to lay the blame for the kidnapping squarely at the feet of the Israeli government.

“The government has done all that it can recently to endanger the lives of those who live in the holy country. Our lives here are not typical. We are here only by way of miracle and as described in parshas Bechukosai, if we follow the Torah then there will be peace in the land and there will be no reason for fear. But this government of corruption does everything in its power to uproot the Judaism from the lives of the Jews. Aside from the laws that have already been enacted, there are three more laws waiting in the Knesset that will further endanger the lives of all Israeli citizens, whose safety is guaranteed only by the performance of mitzvos.”

How about this week's parsha; Korach! These Rashaim also heard last weeks Parsha of the Meraglim and learned nothing!

The article describes the Chareidi draft laws as “Draconian” and explains that once enacted, they imperiled the lives of those who live in Israel, by removing those who are in the “true army” that safeguard the country, those who learn Torah, creating a status of impending danger.

I don't know but I'm seeing the IDF searching for them, I didn't see the "true army" anywhere, not even by the Kosel!

Determining who is at fault is pointless at a time like this, continues the article.
“We are all guilty. Every Jew is responsible for each other and when a tragedy like occurs, it means Hashem is talking directly to us. To all of us. The Chofetz Chaim explains that there are no prophets today but Hashem talks to us in other ways….There are those who blame Chamas and other entities but we don’t look to cast guilt. We need to turn our ears to the voice of truth. Hashem is talking to us directly. Are we not going to listen?”

How dare they quote the Chofetz Chaim!

When we had nevi'im, they were able to communicate with heaven and tell us why tragedy happens. Then for 2500 years this insight was lost. Now that we have the Yated, prophecy has finally made a comeback.


Anonymous said...

NO Yated, It happened because these idiots were warned time and time again- do not hitchhike- how many times did the mossad warn that the terrorist's are planning kidnapings,
Yated's insane and ignorant statement is the same ignorant idiotic mentality that tells us when a young chareidi dies at the age of 40- 45 after having smoked a pack a day for the last 25 years,that it happened because our wives skirts are too short or too tight or because we talked in shul.NO IDIOTS"it is simply because they did to themselves.

TruthJew said...

"we don’t look to cast guilt" - This is the Chareidi version of the leftist ideologues who pathetically excuse every act of Arab terrorism and barbarism. These Chareidi-leftists follow a Reform "Torah" where Arab savages are exempt from the Noachide laws that prohibit murder, robbery, kidnapping, etc.

Anonymous said...

An arrogant demented article by an arrogant shmateh. Maybe it happened so that you chareidim should appreciate the IDF, it's they who are risking their lives in the search.Maybe that's what Hashem is telling you, you insane fanatics.

Anonymous said...

Not defending the Yated but anon 11:14 you seem to be sinking to their level with you ranting.

Yocheved said...

'young chareidi dies at the age of 40- 45 after having smoked a pack a day for the last 25 years'
so do a million other people so why him