Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Viznitzer Rebbe in New York and Chassidim Celebrate by Drinking Coca Cola!

What happened with Mayim Chaim?
Chassidim finally realized if you are going to drink Cola it's got to be the "real thing"!
The green bottle next to the Rebbe is Sprite! NU?



Anonymous said...

What's your point,?
This is a very childish and idiotic comment from your part

Anonymous said...

You missed the point. I guess you have no sense of humor.

Fred said...

These guys are one group of cool dudes. Bazinga!

Dusiznies said...

To Anon 4:28
It is in fact "childish and Idiotic" for chassidim to drink Mayim Chaim that is more expensive than Coke.
By the way, which Rebbe's Tish in the entire world has Coke and Sprite?
Im happy to see that the Viznitzer Rebbe who prohibits Woody Allan Eyeglass frames, insists that the Goyishe Sodas are better!

Anonymous said...

Look at the bottles. They're available in most frum neighborhoods. Imported from Israel.