Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rabbonim attempt to put Lady "Therapist" out of business in Boro-Park

The truth is that this lady (we will not publish her name) calls herself a "mentor". 
But in this poster, the signed Rabbonim say, that no one should consult her because, a) she has no credentials and b) she is "undermining chinuch".

Question: Why was it ok for Weberman, the convicted rapist to be called by Satmar a "therapist" and they defended him, saying that he  was a "therapist" even though he had a zero credentials, but it is not ok for her to be a "therapist" when she has the same credentials as Weberman!

How much "undermining chinuch" did Weberman do when he burned his victims' stomach for his own sadistical desires?


The Normalizer said...

Hatzad Hashova is that you have to be on the side of the powerful so called askanim. They managed to embarrass a women brabim for nothing other then being on the wrong of end of a deranged mother that abuses her children physically and emotionally.

Anonymous said...

It's the Fox in action