Sunday, June 1, 2014

Beloved Musician Yoily Brach Succumbs to Illness at 30, Video

The following  is a letter Yoily sent out to his fellow musicians last summer:

"All my life I've worked around the clock, as in 19 hrs day, always worrying about tommorow. I never took a day off, no Sundays, vacations, a holiday. I deprived myself from every sugar, carb, red meat, drinks. I worked out for 2 full hrs EVERY day for the past 17 years. I walked around thinking "Dude, i'm in the best shape a person can be, I only eat Cancr fighting foods, I'm totally sick proof". And then from one min to the next while again thinking to myself, "I have a career, my wife has a career, I'm building a house, I've got my whole life planned out." Suddenly, out of left field, the circuit breakers went off!
My life changed forever!
There are lessons I've learned from all of this, and I'd like to pass them on to my friends. Here they are:
1. "Live today, don't worry about tommorow." And by "live" I mean use your time wisely.
2. The most important thing a person possesses is his family! When going through something traumatic like this, it's only your family that will do everything and anything to help you get through it. No money in the world will help you. All your days at work, all the money you've accumulated in the bank, cant be there to support you, and keep your mind strong. Why put work in front of your family? Why put them on the bottom of the list? When you look around, and truly realize that nobody is guaranteed with their life, regardless of their age, health condition, and worldly possessions. That is when you wake up realize "Hey, Whatever I have or have "earned" isn't because I have acquired it through my own hard work. I was given all of this to do something with it. All of these things "i worked for" was given to me for a purpose. And I now know that purpose isn't to busy myself with. To boast about my accomplishments with it. Everything you are given can be used in either 2 ways. Hold it, boast about it, stare at it and think to yourself "look what I did," Or, cherish it, use it to give back to your family. Spend your time truly making a difference in this world.
3. Realize that if you have enough money to pay your bills & you and your family are healthy, you are truly the luckiest person in the world.
Ok, my rant is now over 
Hope you're having a great summer.
Let's go for a drink sometimes 
Yoily Brach z"l on flute (left), Mo Kiss Guitar, Avi Bernstein Drums

Yoily with his daughter

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