Tuesday, June 3, 2014

In Monroe, "all children born from a marriage not officiated by the the Monroe Rav, are Mamzeirim!

Its official, folks, Satmar has totally separated from the Jewish Religion!
 They have their own religion with vague similarities to Judaism.
In this poster Satmar posts the names of people who were married by Harav Yoel Morgenstern, but not by the Satmar Monroe Rav, and so they are not part of anything that is holy,  Their offspring, also mentioned in the poster are not Kosher Children!


Anonymous said...

WHere do you get "Margareten" from?

This is R' Yoel Morgenstern, the Sharmasher Dayan of KJ.

And Satmar is not saying there is mamzerus but that the mother has a din beulah instead of nesuah.

Anonymous said...

This criminally insane ego maniac Aron teitelbaum,needs to be put into CHEREM.how dare this piece of human garbage call these yidishe kinderlech PASUL ,just because this ego maniac scroundrel was not the mesader kidushin,
How thousands of ignorant sheep can call this evil RASHA their REBBE is beyond comprehension

Curious Joel said...

The funny thing is that Dayan Morgenstern was good enough for Satmar when they were looking for as many signatures as possible to declare the false cherem on R' Nuchem Rosenberg as revenge on him for protecting children from molesters.

The halacha in Shulchan Aruch by the way is that someone who declares a cherem for illegitimate reasons is himself put in cherem from beis din shel Maalah.

Please clarify said...

What is the background of this story?