Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gerer bullies trying to take over a Non-Chassidic shul in Bnei Brak

Yemin Zedek Shul
Police forcibly removed a group of Gerer bullies from a Bnei Brak shul after a violent brawl broke out over who should lead the davening, Israel Police said.

The Tel Aviv Police Department said that the violent confrontation broke out on Monday night, at the Yemin Zedek shul.

At 7:00 p.m., two men simultaneously began leading the Maariv service, one belonging to the Gerer Chassidim  and one non-Chassidic Jew. When neither side backed down a large crowd gathered and the disagreement turned violent.

Police officers arrived at the scene and stopped the fight. Police removed the Gerer Chasidim from the shul and stayed there until the end of Maariv.

This was not the first fight that broke out at the shul. On Shabbos, several people were injured after a large brawl broke out between Ger and non-Chasidishe Frum Jews over who should lead the davening.

Over the past ten years non-Chasidic Jews attended the shul for davening. However, over the past several months, Gerer Chasidim are attempting to take over the shul by bringing more people to daven each week.

This Shabbos, the Gerer bullies decided that its time to send one of their own to lead the davening. The non-Hasidic Jews refused.

That is when a large brawl broke out between the two camps. A witness at the scene reported that women poured water on the men below and a Torah scroll was damaged.

It is unclear which side began using physical violence. On Sunday, the Gerer Chasidim justified their actions, saying that since they outnumber the non-Hasidic Jews it is time that the Chasidic Jews lead the davening.

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Two guys leading the services? Sounds like Simchas Torah.