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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hundreds of Chareidim At NYPD Headquarters To Congratulate Promotion Of Ira (Yitzy) Jablon To Lieutenant !

What a Topsy turvy world we live in ....hundreds of Chareidim drooling and falling over themselves to congratulate Yitzy Jablon on his promotion to Lieutenant in the NYPD!
Now, I'm actually very proud of him, and I think he deserves the accolades given to him .

However, if he was in the IDF (Chas V'eshulim), these same guys would be ripping off his uniform and throwing stones at him like Arabs.

So let's understand, if a guy decides to help out and protect his brothers and sisters in the holy land and joins the IDF, the "gedoilim" say its "yehreg v'al yaavor" but if he joins the NYPD to help the shvartzas , then we fawn over him as if he was a G-D!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Its called tuhis lekking . Plain and simple. Alll those losers want the perks of knowing a cop as a personal friend but they themselves would be ashamed to be one.