Friday, May 24, 2019

When DIN Attended The Lag Be'Omer Parade in Crown Heights .....

One of those little children in the parade is 
DIN, who knew that he would become this gadol

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Pinny Lipschutz Groupie said...

We have to figure out how to refute DIN.

The message we need to be getting out there is that it's Sholom Rubashkin who is both gadol hador & Melech Hamoshiach, not the Rebbe.

How else is Pinny going to make a $$ killing $$ with Yated copy & ad sales & getting a low price on Rubashkin's South American "Tevya's" shechita for his Seasons supermarket chain?

(Or at least he was owner of Seasons until the recent "bankruptcy" where the original shutfim were screwed when Pinny got help from Agudah Fressers like Zvi Bloom who siphoned all the money away to pretend it was "lost" - see the fraud complaint brought against them in Federal Court)