Thursday, May 2, 2019

Satmar Rebbe R' Zalman Teitelbaum Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine Getting Stoned In Monroe Visiting His Father's Grave

אבנים יורדו על הרבי מסאטמר


Stone throwers

When you encourage your talmidim to throw stones on other Jews who don't agree with your SHIT'ah, be it Kloizenberg, Belz or Frum Zionist Soldiers, it comes to bite you back in the proverbial ass!

Well, yesterday was the Yurzeit of the Beirach Moshe, the father of today's Satmar Rabbis....
When R' Zalman Leib, Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg, came to daven at his father's kever, he was in for a surprise: 
a bunch of Satmar boys called him a "Sheigatz" and threw stones on him ....
He didn't like it one bit, I'm told!

There are two versions who the rock throwers were ...
One version (and this version is the easy way out) is that the boys were from the Aronim contingent ....and decided to harass him!

Another version, and it this one is the more credible take:

 The boys were actually Zalonim ... and the story behind this is ....the Satmar Yeshivah administration decided to throw them out because they were 20 year old guys and the hanhala felt that 20 year olds were a hard bunch to discipline ...

The boys then went to the Satmar Rebbi looking for sympathy to beg him to let them stay because they were afraid that it would damage their chances for a good shidduch .... they didn't want the  shame that they had to leave the yeshiva for the crime of being older and single....

 The Holy Rebbe listened to them and was probably in cramps trying very hard not to burst out in hysterical laughter because little did they know it was all his idea ...

He made believe he was compassionate and sympathetic to their plight stroked his beard, arched his eyebrows and moved some left over crumbs around .... then told them he had a brilliant idea that he would set up another Yeshivah for them called "Shiur De'Satmar" that would be set up for "older " boys!

This actually made it worse, because now everyone would know that if you "learn" in Shiur DeSatmar you are basically "an alter bucher" an outcast!

The Boys being from Satmar .... wouldn't take this sitting down so they waited for a good opportunity to teach him the quintessential  "Satmar Lesson" developed and nurtured way back in Europe when they stoned the Spinker 80 years ago,......and so they waited for the right time which couldn't have come any sooner and met him with "Sheigetz Arois" and showered him with some stones for good measure!

I am told from good sources that there are still plenty of stones left to throw at Zionists, come Yom Hatzmoet next Thursday!

My Zalonim friends are emailing me that the "rock throwers" were definitely the Aronim, and they will not leave the "debt" hanging around too much longer, meaning that the Aroner Rebbe better watch his back!
They added however that my story with the "older buchrim" is spot on. 


חביבי said...

מדוע ביזו בני ר' חיים קנייבסקי את מרן הגאון רבי דב לנדו

מדוע ביזו את הגאון הגדול רבי גרשון אידלשטיין איני יודע וגם לא מעניין אותי אבל לצערי מדוע ביזו את הגאון רבי דב לנדא כי הוא יודע ללמוד יותר טוב מהסבא של יענקוש נקודה

ליטאים מגנים את איש בית קנייבסקי שפגע בגאון האמיתי רבי דוב לנדא

ferd said...

has he ever considered that molesters might be a bigger impetus than radical anti-Zionism?

כאדאראם said...

לאחרונה פרצה גם מלחמה גדולה על השלטון ב’יתד נאמן’, הבעלים והמנהל של העיתון הם אנשי ר’ גרשון, ובבית ר’ חיים קנייבסקי מבקשים לחסלם מפני שהם לא מוכנים לקבל תכתביבים שהם בניגוד לרוחם של גדולי התורה ר’ גרשון ור’ דב, יענקי איים כמה פעמים שלח הוראות ואמר כי אם לא יעשו כפי שהוא מצווה הוא יוכיח להם מי הגדול הליטאי בימינו, ואין זה פלא שהדברים פרצו לרחוב והיום הופיעה מודעה בצורת מכתבים של ר’ שמעון גליק ותשובת ר’ גרשון שעושה ברור כי השליטה בעיתון היא בידי אנשי ר’ גרשון ולא בידי אנשי ר’ חיים קנייבסקי