Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Did Flatbush "Askanim" Just Elect An Anti-Semite in the 45th District????

In 2010, Fararah Louis approvingly retweeted a comment  "these Jews are annoying me"
I'm not so sure that this constitutes being an "antisemite" but it is certainly very troubling!

The Flatbush "Tzadikim" couldn't get enough of the newly elected Haitian Councilman, fawning and hovering over her like she was the Belzer Rebbetzin (Lehavdil). 

And they didn't vet her...  all they cared was to knock out a Frum "vaibel" because she didn't conform and made "choizik" of their hypocrisy

These "askanim" and may I add rabbonim who made a big deal of the Flatbush Girl's fight for a lady, who is a lesbian comedian, to perform in a Kosher restaurant for Ladies only, didn't say one word and were totally silent when one of their own, ....Assemblyman Eichenstein ...yes that one ... with the langeh rekkel ..der Bobover, voted for the "Gay" law! 

Meanwhile calls to Farah Louis's office for an explanation of her disgusting tweet went unanswered! 

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Anonymous said...

There is a lot more troubling than just that she supported the comic. Her whole demeanor is the antithesis of what a frum yid should be and she revels in it. She is a horrible example for the kids that think she is hysterical. Also look at her platform. She sounds like Bernie Sanders.