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Day Yoimie Snippets ... Bechoros Dafim 18,19 ,20,21,22,23 & 24

A great opportunity for the entire family, to share some thoughts on the daf ...  the  family feels united by discussing what the head of the house is studying.
I try to break it down so that everyone can understand it .... 
You can copy and print this without my consent, since Torah belongs to all of us..... 

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צארטל בת אסתר מלכה 

''דף י'ח ''שומר העגלים    
Page 18  Mesectas Bechoros  
''The Keeper of Calfs "

Reuvein hears a knock on his door; he opens the door and sees his neighbor Shimon holding a calf......
the neighbor asks Reuvein for a favor explaining that he must run 
into town and wants Reuvein to watch the calf....
Reuvein agrees and as he is about to close his door, Levi his other neighbor runs to his door also holding a calf and asks Reuvein if he can "babysit" his calf as well....
Reuvein always the nice guy, agrees!

A few hours later he hears a commotion from the stable in his back yard, and finds one of the calfs that he was watching...dead!

When the neighbors come back to retrieve their animals and hear the story, they examine the animals, and now, both neighbors claim that the live animal is theirs and the dead one belongs to the other neighbor.

What should poor Reuvein do?

He should place the live calf between the feuding neighbors and walk away.... let them fight it out!

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''דף י'ט ''ספק בכור    
Page 19  Mesectas Bechoros  
''When the Status of a Firstborn is in Doubt "

Reuvein receives ownership of an animal from a gentile. After a while the animal gives birth to a calf, and Reuvein doesn't know whether the mother animal ever gave birth before and therefore doesn't know whether he now has to give this baby calf to the kohein, since there is a possibility that the baby may be a bechor .. a firstborn!

The halacha is that Reuvein doesn't have to give this baby calf to the kohein since we have a principle in talmud that states:
שהמוציא מחברו עליו הראיה 

which basically means that if I'm in possession of an item, and someone else claims that it is in fact his ....that person cannot get the item unless he brings proof that it is in fact his...
in our case, the kohein who claims the bechor, would have to prove that the mother animal never gave birth before.

On the other hand, Reuvein cannot make any use of the baby calf since the calf is in a status of a "doubtful firstborn"
Reuvein would have to wait until the baby calf develops a blemish and then can use the animal in any way he chooses.

''דף כ' ''האימא של העגל    
Page 20  Mesectas Bechoros  
''The Mother & A Baby Calf "
Reuvein buys a cow and a baby calf from a gentile, but Reuvein isn't sure whether the cow is the mother of the calf, or if the calf is from a different cow....
The question here is .... that if the cow should give birth in the future ..
Is that newly born calf, the mother's first which would make the newborn a bechor?

The talmud on this daf rules that if the original baby nurses from the cow, we can assume that the baby calf is its child and therefore any future calf would not be firstborn...

''דף כ'א ''מקצת היום ככולו    
Page 21  Mesectas Bechoros  
''Part of the Day Counts As A Full Day "
A Jewish family celebrating a Bar Mitzvah, ask the Bar-Mitzvah boy to go over to daven Maariv as a Shliach Tzibur.

A guest... a macher... walks over to the boy asks him what the date of his birth was and what time was he born...
The boy answers him that he was born on the 8th day of Kislev at two in the afternoon ....

The macher questions out loud.... 
"Well, I'm not so sure you can daven as a Shliach Tzibur because ...true its the 8th day of Kislev tonight but we must wait until tomorrow for you to lead the davening since you are not a Bar-Mitzvah until 2Pm tomorrow afternoon, we need a full 8th day of Kislev!"

The Bar Mitzvah boy has a quick but correct answer:
We have a principle in Shas that states:
יש כלל הקובע מקצת היום ככולו
that "even a partial day is considered... a full day!"
I am a full fledged Bar -Mitzvah as soon as we enter the 8th day! 
Mazal Tov!

''דף כ'ב ''ציר הדגים     
Page 22  Mesectas Bechoros  
''Fish Brine"
The halacha is that fish brine, cannot be מקבל טומאה, it cannot become tumei, because it is so concentrated that it isn't edible food.
 it must be mixed with water.... and water can be מקבל טומאה!

So how are we מטהר the fish brine? 
In other words, is there a halachic way to purify the mixture of fish brine/water if it became tamei, contaminated?

We take the fish brine/water mixture and pour it into an open flask and we dip it into the mikvah allowing the mikvah water to touch  or kiss (השקה) the lip of the open flask thereby touching the fish brine/water.

''דף כ'ג ''טומאת נבילה     
Page 23  Mesectas Bechoros  
''Tumah of a Dead Animal"

On the day before Pesach, Reuvein sees his neighbor, Shimon carry a dead carcass......
Reuvein, the nosy Tzaddik, tells his neighbor ...
"you just touched a dead carcass which conveys tumei, impurity, and now you will not be able to bring a Korban Pesach?"

Shimon a shtikal talmud chachom tells Reuvein:
"relax ..... this animal that I was carrying was very sick and its meat wasn't fit to be eaten, and the halacha is that a kosher animal that is so sick that its meat cannot be eaten, when it dies, the animal is not considered a nevilah and therefore, it is not tumei"

''דף כ'ד ''עד שיבאו אליהו     
Page 24  Mesectas Bechoros  
''Until Elijah Comes"

There is a word that we see frequently throughout the talmud and that is the word: תיקו

The literal translation means "Stand"

The talmud uses תיקו when we have an halachic question with no suitable solution!
So the talmud states ; "Stand" meaning the question will remain "standing" without an answer!

The Maharshal suggests that when the talmud states as an answer תיקו ... that basically means that we do not have the proper halachic authority to rule on the question, and it will now "stand" until we have a Sanhedrin!

The talmud explains the traditional answer of the meaning of תיקו
the talmud states that the word תיקו is an acronym 
"Eliyahu will come to resolve all questions and doubts! "
תשבי יתרץ קושיות ואבעיות 
"Tishbe (Eliyahu Ha'Tisbi) will answer all questions and all of our doubts"

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