Friday, May 24, 2019

Lag Be'Omer Bon-Fires Burning Down Half of Israel Including Carlebach Moshav

G-d save us from these "tzaddikim" that think this practice of which Achronim wrote is "darkei amoirie" a practice of goyim, is a mitzvah! 

The damage is way more than the Arab balloon fires.....
Time to stop this madness once and for all....
These rebbes should be made to put on fireman uniforms and help put these fires out! They of course didn't set them but they certainly encouraged them ...

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Enough already said...

Who is making the hadlukehs?

Often it is the smaller rebbes, the rebbelech. Like a small dog makes more noise than a large one, to let you know that they are there, the little rebbelech make a big hadlukeh with a lot of noise.

And they make a business out of it too. They convince naive people to donate money for oil for their hadlukeh, cotton for the wicks, money for 'Chai Rotel', and so on. Some of those rebbelach are good at business.

And they pin it on R. Shimon Ben Yochai. Poor guy. They use his name to promote mishugasen that he did not order.

What a scam.

People who cause damage with their fires should be held accountable, civilly and even criminally. If the government is holding people accountable for spreading measles, fires should not get a free pass.