Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Michael Freilich Becomes First Jew To Join Belgian Parliament... Satmar Campaigned Against Him and Voted For A Shiksah

Because Freilich is pro-Israel, Satmar spend a lot of money to defeat him.... but in their campaign they didn't write anything about Freilich's position on the Jewish State, because that would have turned off anyone who possesses a Jewish Neshama, instead they wrote "pashkivilim" that Freilich shakes hands with women, and that he posed with Shiksas in his campaign......

Satmar totally ignored the fact that this is a great win for Jews living in Europe and in Israel, since Freilich will be an advocate for Jews, Israel,  Shechita, bris etc ....

But Satmar doesn't give two bits about that; they would rather elect an antisemite as long as the candidate isn't pro-Israel... they don't care that he ran on a platform to change the recent ban on Shecitah.
They, instead endorsed a Shiksah that has sympathy for the Palestinian Jew murderers!

Freilich won big and this is a smackdown of Satmar and their bizarre irrelevant SHIT'ah! .... The Chareidie Jews living Belgium voted for him overwhelmingly!

Michael Freilich, a member of the center-right party The New Flemish Alliance, the largest party of the Belgiun Parliament, became the first Orthodox Jew to sit in the Belgian government.
Long-time editor of Belgium’s largest Jewish newspaper, Antwerp-based and pro-Israeli, Freilich announced his resignation and candidacy for parliament last January, notably to try to change the recent shechita bans in the country.
Because of his position as fifth on the list, the 38-year-old was sure of winning. Freilich ended up with nearly 13,000 votes.


Anonymous said...

To shake hands with women and to pose with shiksas seems so much worse (in the Satmar culture) than to shake hands and pose with the biggest iranian state-terrorists criminals who can't wait to kill a maximum of Jews (ch"v) at the push-of-a-nutton ? Makes a lot of sense...

I wasn't originally a zionist. But the more I hear about these NK/Satmar vilda chayos, the more I become a zionist.


Ner Yishmoel Baltimore Shmeasles said...


Shorry for talking out the shide of my mouth, but old anti-vaxxsh guru Sham Kaminetzshky in Philly is a Ner Yishmoel boy