Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Grape Juice Plant Looking For "Frum Mainstream Bochur " "No Shaving or Trimming Beard"

This ad appeared in the COLIVE  Crown Heights News Blog!

How crazy and Meshigah is this?

Only a crazed lonely meshiginer idiot would take a job like this to begin with!

If he is "mainstream" why isn't he learning? 

Why is a "mainstream" boy taking a job away from his family in HotzenPlutz?

So now  "Frum Mainstream" means a boy who grows his beard like a wild hillbilly?

A bochur that shaves or G-d forbid trims his beard is no longer qualified to push a button??

Go take your "Grape Juice" and pour it all over your white shirt....


Anonymous said...

Check this out: (Arutz)

Satmar hasidim buy pizza for IDF soldiers
Satmar hasidim visiting from US buy pizza for soldiers serving in Hevron.

Anonymous said...

Not defending the ad, and you certainly have merit in your post, but I think a little insider context is also necessary. This ad was placed on an (unofficial) Chabad site. Chabad today, has many different flavors, as well as challenges, like any other demographic. A man’s beard has become a symbol for their seriousness of Yiddishkeit in Chabad (especially in Shidduchim). That is probably what they were alluding to, albeit as ridiculous as it sounds. On a separate note: Your vile “beard / pig farm” comment is very unbecoming, and completely discredits you, and your otherwise excellent website, for a myriad of obvious reasons. Please take that to heart. Thank you.