Sunday, May 5, 2019

Pinchas Menahem Pashwazman Murdered By a Hamas Missile in Ashdod

A Gaza rocket launched at Ashdod today took the life of R’ Pinchas Menahem Pashwazman, a young Gerer Chasid in his 20’s.
The young man was reportedly driving when the sirens went off and exited his vehicle to find shelter when the rocket struck the ground near him, injuring him with shrapnel. Emergency services at the scene transported him tho the hospital but he succumbed to his injuries.
The victim’s parents and grandparents are from Monsey, New York. The victim leaves over a wife and a four month old child.
The rocket was part of an escalated attack by Hamas this afternoon as the terrorist organization continues to ramp up their violence against Israel.
Pashwazman is one of four people killed by Hamas terrorists since the attacks began over Shabbos.

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Anonymous said...

Its "PSHEVEZMAN" (Psheh-vez-maan)