Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Frum Askanim & Rabbonim That Were Silent When Nadler Put Jews in Jeopardy Congratulate Haitian Concilman on Her Win in 45th District

Thank You @ChaskelBennett for the powerful words at the victory party of @FarahNLouis who just won the special election for Council our community UNITED not DIVIDED can’t be DEFEATED!

Interesting! Very interesting .......
I am not going into the politics of who was a better person for the job .....

But I find this "chanifa" for a Haitian nauseating! 
This Haitian will represent a district that encompasses the Flatbush Jewish neighborhoods and has yet to condemn the hateful words of the antisemite triumvirate in Congress!

I'm not saying that it's her job...because she won in a local election..... but traditionally local politicians especially when they are running for local office voice their indignation on politics that effects their constituents ...
Not a word!

Yet these "askanim" "tuches lekke" and hover over her as if she is mashiach ben dovid!

Where were they when one of their very own, Ezra Friedlander went around in frum neighborhoods advocating for the self-hating Jew, Nadler?

And what was he advocating?
He was advocating that the USA hand nuclear weapons to the murderers in Iran!!!! 
And who was supporting this?
Nadler!! the one who gave blood money to the backstabbing Jew Friedlander, so that he promote a cause that could G-d forbid do more damage than Hitler ym"s!

Where were these "Askanim Cowards" when the Satmar Rebbe started a letter writing campaign to congress urging Congressman not to attend the  address of the Prime Minister of Israel who was begging congress to stop the failed Iran Deal? 
The treasonous letter went further, begging them to back the Iran Deal .... 

But they paused from slurping shmaltz herring and guzzling 100 year old Glenfidduch and came out of their Flatbush million dollar mansions like roaches to tuches lekk an unknown ,,and got Rabbonim to get involved in this small district just to make certain  that a Jewish Frum lady doesn't get elected ......

It could very well be that she doesn't stand for their values...
Yes it could be ???
Why are the parents whose children follow Flatbush girl on Instagram, coming out against her?
Question: You allow your child to be on Instagram??? You hypocrite! So when it comes to Instagram you ignore the Rabbis but now you suddenly become frum and say "I'm following Daas Torah!"

Let me ask you a question...
Does Flora Louis condemn the LGBT Community, or does she support it?
Does Flora Louis condemn late term abortion or condemn it?

Flora Louis is on the same page in her agenda as the Flatbush Girl is, but she is black and wears pants!

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fyi said...

Chaskel is a close associate of Friedlander. So you understand where he is coming from.

Haskel is a smart guy, hopefully he will wake up someday and separate himself from the group he is with now. He should follow the way of his Rebbe R. Dovid from NJ instead.