Sunday, May 26, 2019

Even "-Al-Jazirah ays that The Iran Deal was A Disaster!

The following article written by Mohammad al-Sheikh for Al-Jazirah Saudi Arabia...

After reading the article you have to wonder what R'Aron Teitelbaum was thinking when he begged the US Congress to support the Iran Deal.....
You have to wonder what that back stabbing Jew who calls himself Ezra Friedlander was thinking when he tried convincing and justifying Nadler's support for the murderous deal??

The survival of the mullah regime in Tehran will be impossible in the long run, so long as its formal objective remains to use all of its resources to fulfill the will of its founder, Khomeini, and reinstate the ancient Persian Empire.

I am not trying to suggest that the era of empires is completely over. This is a reality that one can hardly argue with, especially given the rise of the caliphate established by Islamic State.
I do, however, believe that [former] US president Barack Obama, for a mysterious reason that goes beyond me, saved the mullah regime from total collapse when he signed the catastrophic nuclear deal with Tehran. In doing so, Obama lifted the siege on Iran and provided its regime, which was very close to falling, with a $100 billion lifeline.

Whatever ideology is guiding the mullahs, their regime simply cannot keep up with the contemporary world. It stands against everything humanity stands up for today.

Even domestically, the people of Iran have realized that they have been led astray by their leaders for several decades. Internal grudges and anger are growing with each passing day. 

This enormous Iranian public will eventually reach a boiling point that the regime will be unable to control. No matter how oppressive, cruel or coercive the mullah regime will be, it will eventually be forced to capitulate and collapse.

Needless to say, modern countries derive their political and military power from their economic power. The stronger their economies are, the more they can grow and develop, the more legitimate they are on the international stage, and the more they can withstand crises.

A look at the Soviet Union, which neglected its economic might and relied on socialism for its survival, will suffice to understand how failed economies can lead to political disintegration and collapse.

This is certainly the case in Iran as well. The mullahs can spend money spreading their ideology, ignore economic growth and impose their doctrine on others, without any hesitation to crush dissidents. Ultimately, however, their regime will be a failure.
Therefore, whether the mullahs admit this or not, Iran is on a direct trajectory to becoming a failed state. This tendency will only increase with time. Then, as many experiments in history have already taught us, the mullahs’ regime will collapse. It is simply a matter of time. 
– Muhammad al-Sheikh

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Frum but normal said...

But Kapo's Aron and Zalmen Teitel-bum yemach shemom,claim it was a good deal because it will hasten the destruction of Medinas Yisroel with it's six and half million Jews.
News just out that the filthy Jew hating animal Zalmen Leib,is planning a trip to our holy land to stir up trouble and implore and try to convince religious young men not to join the IDF in defending their own families and country,for the life of me cannot understand why this filthy KAPO Arab loving and Jew hating terrorist supporting bastard is being permitted by the government to enter our holy land.