Thursday, May 16, 2019

Rivka & Dovid Weber of Chicago Turn Out To Be Christians!

By COLlive reporter
A couple who have recently moved to a Jewish neighborhood in Chicago has been exposed to be non-Jews posing as Orthodox Jews, with the mission to influence others.
Rabbi Levi Notik of Chicago has informed the community that the couple who go by the names David and Rivkah Castello were recognized by a visitor from Brooklyn to be a couple who had been exposed there last year.
David and Rivkah Castello moved to West Rogers Park in Chicago a few months ago, and they dress, act and behave like Frum Jews, and Daven in local Shuls, Rabbi Notik warned. Rivkah works as a babysitter for young children in the neighborhood.
David looks like a Frum yid, wearing the traditional clothing and sporting long peyos.
When asked, the couple admits that she is not Jewish, and he claims his maternal great-grandmother was.
Notik says that he met with the couple, and they did not deny being in the neighborhood “on a mission to specifically live among the Frum community and actively influence others.”
“They have beliefs of Kefira and Christianity,” Notik says. “He doesn’t deny any of it, on the contrary, he insists that he is correct in his way, and has no regrets.”
Notik says by Hashgocha Protis, a Sofer in town from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, saw David Castello in Shul, and recognized him immediately, alerting others to the imposter.
The couple has done the same thing in Brooklyn last year (at Beis Midrash Razlo and other Shuls) until they were exposed and told to leave, the visitor said.
After doing research, Notik discovered that the couple has ties to the international Christian group Global Gates, whose vision according to their website is “to see gospel transformation of the world’s most unevangelized people groups who have come to global gateway cities, and through them reach their communities around the world.”
The newsletter for JCFI, a Church in Texas, ran an article on the couple in 2016, describing their mission to infiltrate a Chasidic community. 


Frum but normal said...

These christian missionaries are pretty dumb wasting millions of dollars in trying to convert religious Jews to christianity,how many frum Jews have converted in the last 100 years? don't think you need more than five fingers to count them,99.999% of jewish converts came from non religious and assimilated homes,so for them to waste so much effort and money in the frum communities is pretty stupid and pathetic.
But what really should bother us and is much more dangerous,are the two Imams from Satmar the TeitelBum brothers Aron and Zalmen (shem reshaim yirkav),these two anti semitic KAPO bastards who have managed already to brainwash tens of thousands of young minds with a murderous and pathological hate towards our God given Eretz Yisroel and towards it's six and a half million Jews.
These filthy swines have an organization called NETRINA where they spend yearly hundreds of thousands of dollars to disseminate all over the world hatred and lies towards Eretz Yisroel , this my friends we should be concerned about.

Undercover Brotha said...

There was this Queens story and also an imposter caught in Baltimore that the ra-bonim hushed up just like the corrupt line up there covers up all the molester scandals.