Monday, May 20, 2019

Why Did Ami Magazine Interview Ehud Olmert an Ex-Con?

Last week, Ami Magazine, touted an "Exclusive" interview that it did with the Former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, the irrelevant ex-con, that served 16 months in prison for fraud and bribery.

Why would a Jewish magazine that caters to the Chareidie market do an interview with a corrupt guy who was hated by the Israeli public?

In May 2007, while PM, Olmert only had an approval rating of 3% ... the lowest of any elected official in the history of the State.

So why take "valuable" space in a "Torah" magazine that constantly boasts the backing of "Daas Torah," and subject its readers to this meaningless interview of an ex-con who is bitter about his life?

I have my reasons ... but first let's read excerpts of some of the questions and answers that I gleaned from the interview!

Do you miss politics? 

"That's not my concern, as a private citizen I will continue to raise my voice about issues that concern me,...... Netanyahu's conduct and the direction in which he is leading the country definitely bother me ....
The PM is being investigated for lots of things... There are multiple indictments hanging over his head.... 
etc etc ..

Did you just burst out in laughter? 
Here is a guy that was convicted of accepting 560,000 Shekels while serving as mayor of Yerushalyim...and other crimes that I won't get into...
and he sits there like a Tzaddik and states with a straight face that Netanyahu is "being investigated for a lot of things"

But I have to say that Ami did see the "irony" and follows up on it ....

Don't you see the irony of a prime minister who was convicted of corruption attacking a sitting prime minister accused of the same charges?

bla bla bla and then says:
"Although the charges were leveled against me while I was prime minister, I was never accused of doing anything wrong while in office. The investigations were about my activities before I was elected. Netanyahu is accused of misconduct while serving as prime minister" 

Here AMI doesn't follow up on this gigantic outrageous lie...

Yes ... it's true that he wasn't charged about any activities while PM but he was charged while being in every other political office he held......
the office of mayor ...the office of finance, the office of Minister of Trade, Industry and Labor. 

Olmert justifies his theft and corruption because he didn't do it while PM ... 

But let's see who Olmert really is ....

In a number of interviews with the international media while PM, Olmert introduced his "Realignment Plan" which basically meant that Israel would withdraw from most if not all of the West Bank...
In it he advocated for a Palestinian State and wanted to "share" Jerusalem with the Palestinians.

He was all for evacuating Kush Katif and for totally leaving Gaza ,,,which as we all know was and is a total disaster.
and tells Ami ... that
"Yes, there are still rockets coming from Gaza but there are much fewer casualties even with the recent escalation...."
He doesn't mention that over 800 rockets in a 24 hour period landed in Israel just a week before the interview and that over a million Israelis ... women and children had to make it to a shelter within 45 seconds.

Olmert when asked about Trump's moving the embassy to Jerusalem sounds like a dumb Satmerer stating:

"How has this made a difference to the status of Jerusalem or our standing in the world"

Ami doesn't challenge him on this outrageous remark and doesn't tell him that this was a very important move in light of the fact that the UN passed a resolution, that the Jews have no historic claim to Jerusalem!

Olmert like the naive Satmarers, makes light of the fact that Trump cancelled the nuclear arms agreement with Iran, stating:

"And what of it? In my opinion, Iran isn't an existential problem with the State of Israel"

In addition, Olmert makes nothing of the fact that Trump brought about American recognition of Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights, stating:

"With all due respect, I don't see these as achievements. President Trump's recognition of the annexation of the Golan Heights doesn't change their status or our situation"

Olmert, the thief, blabbers on and on ...

So what possessed  Frankfurter to see fit to print 10 pages to this crazed and incoherent interview?

I have the answer..... here goes...
Olmert's view of Israel is the same view as the "clown"  Frankfurter!
To give back parts of the Holy Land to the Arab murderers....
Not to recognize Yerushalayim as the Capital of Israel!
Not to recognize Israel's annexation of the Golan Heights,
and to keep the Iran nuclear deal! The SHIT'ah of the Satmar gypsies! 
But Frankfurter cannot say it himself so he chose the stooge of Israel to say it for him ....

To justify this useless interview, and to make this lying thief somewhat credible, The Clown Frankfurter,  makes a bold attempt to link Olmert, the guy who is "mechalleil Shabbos be'faresyeh" and who eats chazir, ..........with Chareidim .....

Since the Frank really is on the same page as the thief Olmert, he has to now make Olmert into a "Gedoilim Lover!"

Talking about Olmert's election as mayor of Yerushalyim ... Frankfurter writes:

"He won the election with the encouragement of the chareidim and with the encouragement of Rav Elyashiv, he was elected to a second term. Since the he has maintained a warm relationship with gedolei Yisrael and the chareidi community"

Now ....Frankfurter always the deceiver and sneak, doesn't write that when "the thief" was PM, Rav Eliyashiv joined Gedoilei Yisroel in a "battle" against Olmert who was for the "Ramon Plan" of dividing Yerusahalyim! 

Concluding this stupid interview, Ami asks "the thief" if he "knew Admorim of Gur" "Rav Ovadia Yosef" as if he is now a guy who hangs around Gedoilim .... and one that recognizes the gadlis of "gedoilim."

So this "clown" Frankfurter, Editor of Ami, to justify his heretical and irrelevant views on Israel  drags the name of Gedoilim thru the sewer and embarrass them by linking their holy names with this piece of manure!

Sick isn't it??????


San fracisco said...

I knew that clown in Yeshiva, he was a jerk then he is a jerk today he was born a jerk his father was a jerk. He is and was the absolutely most self-centered pompous person that we had any Sheba that was nothing ever more important than himself and all he thought about 24 hours a day was about himself the worst thing that ever happened to our community was that somebody lent him money to go ahead and open his own magazine

Have Cash Stuffed Envelopes, Will Travel said...

"Uncle Morris" Talansky from Woodsburgh in the 5 Towns, who was once the Rav of the White Shul in Far Rockaway, didn't hate Olmert.