Sunday, May 19, 2019

Watch Chareidiem "Leidegeiers" Fighting With Cab Driver While Protesting Eurovision

These crazed fanatics with nothing to do on these long Shabbossim were protesting Chillul Shabbas of Eurovision
But they are protesting in Jerusalem .... Eurovision was in Tel Aviv...who in Yerusahlayim cares about Chillul shabbos in Tel Aviv

What's confusing is ... that last year the Chareidim Caused Chillul shabbos with their Lag Be"omer celebrations that took place Motzei Shabbos.. all the police and transportation was 
done on Shabbos itself.. yet no one protested

They don't care about Shabbos .. they are bored  to tears with these long Shabbosim


Anonymous said...

what does leidegiers mean?

jancsibacsi said...

It means in short Bums and unproductive lazy bums

Frum but normal said...

look in the mirror you'll see one LOL