Thursday, May 2, 2019

Chareidie Seminary Girls Arrested in Norway For Smuggling Drugs Will Be Deported Back to Israel On SHABBOS!

Ironically, the Charedi girls arrested in Norway will be deported on a plane on Shabbat.

The story of the drug smuggling was exposed in B'hadrei Charedim  and they reported that dozens of young men and women are smuggling 'Gat' to Europe, which in Israel is permitted, but in Europe forbidden. 

In return for smuggling they receive a sum of money and a hotel for three days and are told by the drug dealer that if they get in trouble, they can call the local Chabad emissary.
In the past few hours, we learned that two ultra-Orthodox girls from Jerusalem have been detained for several days in Oslo, the capital of Norway, for the attempted smuggling of 'Ali Gat. 
They will be deported on the coming Shabbat to Israel.
The Norwegians refuse to put them on a flight with a  stop, insisting on a direct flight, and direct flights from Norway happen on Shabbos only.
Meanwhile they are begging the Chabad Shliach in Oslo, Rabbi Shaul Wilhelm, to intervene and help them.

But Rabbi Wilhelm told Behadrei Haredim that he is refusing to intervene and help all those who have become entangled in the past few months and who keep asking him to put them up at the Chabad House and help them post bail etc. ... 
"the boys and girls come here without the knowledge of their parents, they are then arrested and expelled,because they are under age and  I am no longer willing to help them, they are making a terrible Chillul Hashem,  thinking that we will intervene on their behalf..
 I will not help them, they asked me to help not be deported on Saturday, They will not hear from me anymore. "
"There is a plague of smuggling, young Charedim come here during  Bein Hazmanim, and when they have vacation, and smuggle illegal material, and they know that it's illegal, 
Where are their parents,.... ultra-Orthodox girls are sitting in jail with gentiles, what is this thing?. 
In addition to the expulsion on the very day of the Shabbat they will also be  forbidden to enter the 28 European Union countries for the next five years!
The Rabbi added:
They should be on notice.. That no one will get help in Norway if he or she  comes to smuggle illegal materials,........ it's a smuggling epidemic, and we're not here to serve criminals," 
 "Anyone caught are on their own."
Also, The rabbi asked that parents should be aware where their children are, and to make sure they are indeed in seminary, because many of them are flying away without the parents' knowledge of the flight itself.
Three days ago, we published the phenomenon of smuggling in Chaddrei Haredim, and reported the arrest of two girls in Manchester one is in a detention facility at the airport in Manchester and the other is on house arrest by a local rabbi!


Anonymous said...

They have to do Teshuvah for spreading Drugs and the same time for Shabos.
Let them say thanks hashem for not going to jail.......

Anonymous said...

Lock them up.