Thursday, July 28, 2016

Israeli Father of 11 Indicted on Charges of Sexual Abuse of Daughters

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Older of two alleged victims, from a prominent ultra-Orthodox family, come forward after discovering that her father also abused a younger sister.

A major criminal indictment was filed on Thursday against a 50-year-old father of 11 children in Jerusalem District Court on allegations that he had committed sexual offenses against two of his daughters for a period of years, including rape.

The alleged offenses came to light after the older daughter who is said to have been victimized by her father since she was 7, is said to have discovered recently that her father had also abused her younger sister. The defendant is from a highly prominent and well-connected ultra-Orthodox family. He was arrested about two weeks ago and his detention has been several times. A gag order imposed in the case was partially lifted Thursday with the filing of an indictment.

The prosecution has asked that he be ordered held in custody until the end of legal proceedings against him. The indictment includes charges of rape, sodomy and indecent acts against the two girls. The investigation of the case, which included the involvement of social welfare authorities, uncovered evidence that the defendant sexually assaulted the older daughter from when she was 7 until she left the family household at 17.

It was after that that the man allegedly began sexually abusing the younger daughter, who was 11 at the time. He allegedly continued to do so until authorities learned of the allegations about a month ago. The daughters are now 23 and 15 and a half.

"Over the past two weeks, in questioning the suspect, we saw [evidence of] the shocking acts that the suspect committed on his daughters over the course of years in frequent intervals," said Deputy Commander Gilad Bahat, deputy commander at the Zion police station in Jerusalem.

Police investigators and social welfare staff also attempted to discern whether the suspect had abused on daughters and have found no evidence of this. The police said both the ultra-Orthodox community and the family itself have been cooperating with investigators.

In May in a separate case, the ultra-Orthodox community was shaken by the indictment of a well-known rabbi in Jerusalem who was also charged with abusing two female family members from the time they were young children until adulthood.


Anonymous said...

Seems to be a sickness in the Hasidic community. These many cases that have come to light are only the ones that were reported and investigated. You can imagine how many others are not known. This is a sign that their way of life is perverted and not what is intended by Torah.

yakov611 said...

To 3:43PM
your conclusions are completely inaccurate. First of all it does NOT say anywhere that they are chassidim but rather "ultra orthodox". Furthermore the moral and ethical standards in the frum world are still higher than the others and this case merely shows that it ALSO exists.
In no way does it suggest that their "way of life is perverted:
You are NOT doing klall yisroel a favor by spewing sinas chinam- especially in the 3 weeks

Anonymous said...

I don't know that the moral and ethical standards are higher in the frum world than others. The frum community can be very adept at hiding, and not admitting to their serious deviances. Cannot see particularly that they are a 'light unto the nations' in practice.

Anonymous said...

It is all as a result of NOT WORKING in yiddish it's called being a "LEIDIG-GAYER,we have tens of thousands of young people who don't work, don't learn, have no education in other words ignorant savages who are bored out of their minds,and this is the result.
CHAZAL teach us " BETAILAH MAIVI LUDAI SHIMUM" doing nothing all day causes someone to become ROTTEN TO THE CORE.
Our so called GEDOILIM have destroyed and killed off a whole generation of Jews with their insane and evil rulings that the average young man must sit and learn all his life and NOT WORK,
Yes,when we have so called ROSH KOLLEL'S raping their own daughters,we see how right CHAZAL were when they ruled that " BETAILAH MAIVI LUDAI SHIMUM.


Anonymous said...

Chaim, remember Gedolim means 2 things and in both case, the biggest pieces float to the top.

Anonymous said...

To Chaim and Anony, Don't blame the Gedolim, people make their own decisions in life. It's called free will. It's easy to blame others because your life isn't as planned. If someone wants to be educated and go to work, then that's what they should do. Gedolim do not decide for anyone except for themselves. Never give up your free will.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember the latest case involved roshei yeshivafrom the litvishe velt,dont point fingers at hassidim