Monday, February 17, 2014

Women told to Shut Up in new Kol Koreh

Kol Koreh reads in loose translation:

It is prohibited  for women to talk on a cellphone in public or on a bus.. Women talking in public on a phone is a breach of the laws of modesty! G-D should protect us from this!


Anonymous said...

It is well known that Rav Elyashiv Zatzal when they asked him to sign such a kol koreh while he was alive refused to.

Abe said...

Well, its about time that these immodest women were put in their place. Permit me me tell you what caused the Kol Koreh to be issued.
I recently saw a really frum satmar woman ( you know -- the kind with a hat on a teechal on top of a shaytel) sitting in the back of a gender segregated bus. We were traveling from Williamsburg to Kiryas Yoel. Although I was stitting directly behind the driver, I heard her chatting on her cellphone. I told her that immodest chatter in public on a cellphone would no doubt cause misfortune to everyone within earshot. God must have heard me because within 1 minute of my admonition, she answered a call waiting, only to be told that her twin sons, Shimmy and Yerachmiel, had gone off the derech and had managed to seduce two Catholic nuns from the neighborhood parish. Then the bus jumped the curb crashed into an immodest garlic and chicken shmaltz rendering factory.
Most of the passengers were fortunate to escape with only minor cuts and bruises.
But when Rav Teitelbaum heard about the incident, he issued the Kol Koreh. All the passengers were told to fast every monday and thursday for 6 weeks and make a large donation to the Satmar Tzedakah. I know because I was there.
Now you know!