Thursday, February 20, 2014

Satmar Rebbe wants Rav Sternbuch to remain in his position in Eida Chareidis?

Rav Zalman Leib (left) & Rav Aaron (Right)
What's going on? Is Moshiach coming?
Rav Aron Teitelbaum wants Rav Moshe Sternbuch to remain in the Eida Chareidis?

Weren't we all flooded with "pashkivelin" against Rav Sternbuch because he ruled that the bones uncovered in Beit Shemesh construction site were  not Jewish and therefore construction can continue?

Wasn't our streets in Monsey, Boro Park & Williamsburg blanketed with leaflets cursing Rav Sternbuch with the words "Yemach Shmo", words used to curse Haman and Hitler?

What happened?

Read the following from the "new" Satmar lapdogs
The Yeshiva world blog and then read our take on it!

Reprinted without permission:

"Following a discussion with the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel Shlita Eida Chareidis Ravaad HaGaon HaRav Moshe Sternbuch Shlita has indicated he will remain in his position and not step down. The Satmar Rebbe Shlita arrived in Eretz Yisrael on Wednesday, 19 Adar I 5774 and speaking with the Ravaad was high on his agenda.
The rebbe called for achdus as he was briefed on the Shaked Committee decision to impose criminal sanctions against chareidim who do not comply with the draft law. The rebbe announced it is time to declare war and this demands achdus.
The rebbe reportedly urged the ravaad not to step down, explaining the urgency of the hour and that he will personally work to unite the Eida once again. The ravaad acquiesced and indicated he will continue in his position".
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Let us clarify to our readers what really happened!

There is only one person that Rav Aaron, the Satmar Rav of Monroe, hates more than Zionists!
That's his brother Rav Zalman Leib.....

I know what my readers are thinking now ....
What does his hating his brother have to do with Rav Sternbuch?

Well, his brother Rav Zalman Leib is the one who supports the Asrei Kadishi. 
The Asrei Kadishi are the ones that say that the bones found in Beit Shemesh are Jewish, and therefore all construction must be stopped. 
The Asrei Kadishi does not allow any construction in Israel unless they are paid off! 
The developer that is building in Beit Shemesh got sick and tired of constantly paying off the Asrei Kadishi thieves, so he approached Rav Sterbuch, and after a thorough investigation, Rav Sternbuch ruled that's ok to build!

So Rav Zalman Leib and his Hungarian uncivilized goons blanketed the whole New York and Israel with flyers that called Rav Sternbuch "Yemach Shmo" and  questioned the sanity of Rav Sternbuch!
Rav Sternbuch decided to call it quits!

So now Rav Aaron wants to make peace (this, at the same time that he is calling a Holy War on the State of Israel )and convinced Rav Sternbuch to stay on.....

So what gives???

The reason????? 

He hates his brother!!!!

And since his brother supports the Asrei Kadisha, he will violate his own principles and support Rav Sternbuch....
but since he is still Satmar, and the Satmar's Shitah is not to build, so he masquerades his opposition with a "peace" overture!
"He hates machlokas"

But in his hearts of hearts hates Rav Sternbuch but will now support him, because he hates his brother, even more!

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