Monday, February 24, 2014

Farfrumte Meshugoiyim didn't call firefighters because it was Shabbos

The burnt mattress that could have killed them all

Nu! The frum world is getting crazier then ever! Some Baalie Teshuvois would rather get killed and have their whole family wiped out than call Firemen on Shabbos....

When I grew up, most people in shul learned Mishnayois, and Kitzur Shulchan Aruch. Very few people were learning the daf! But they knew the basics... enough to re-build the Torah World.

Today, Thank G-D, all shuls have people learning the daf, and we have a generation of people who are well versed in Shas. The problem is, they don't have a clue of simple Halachos. They ask their perspective Rabbis the most mundane questions .... and if the Rabbi isn't right there, they become baffled and hopelessly lost!
The Frum world has become a joke to the gentile world, they think that we are a bunch of morons! 
The Kiruv organizations are to blame, they take naive people and invite them for shabbos and feed them cholent, kugel and bubbelich and tell them how beautiful Shabbos is and then brainwash them with superficial ideas  that you cannot do anything on this holy day but eat, sleep and go to shul .....
What they should be teaching them is basic halachos, but alas, the Kiruv guys know nothing themselves.... that's the problem!

Read the following and weep!
Firefighters responded to an automatic alarm at a home in Pomona on Saturday morning and learned that there had been a fire but no one called 911.

Officials said the mattress fire was not reported by phone because the home’s Orthodox Jewish occupants were observing the Sabbath. No one was injured.

Chris Kear, the public information officer for the Hillcrest Fire Department, said the fire at 16 Tara Drive started in a second-floor bedroom, where a man had used a pillow to dim a lamp for a child. The pillow and a mattress began smoldering. When the smoke increased the man took the mattress down the stairs and out of the house. The mattress caught fire along the way as it encountered new oxygen, Kear said.
“The situation could have been a lot worse,” Kear said.

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