Friday, February 7, 2014

Yeshiva Students riot, burn Police Car just like the Shvartzas, Video

At least thirty ultra-Orthodox Jews were arrested after violent protests broke out across the country, Israel Police said.

The riots broke out after the Supreme Court ordered to freeze funding for students who dodge military service.

In the city of Ashdod, the protests came in the form of violence as a police car was set on fire. No one was injured, but the police car was destroyed.

In Ashdod, at least eight people were arrested for disorderly conduct, throwing stones and attacking police officers. Two protesters were slightly wounded, and police officers were also injured.

Some protesters were also angry that a yeshiva student was sent to jail for dodging military service.

As we reported earlier, a yeshiva student was arrested, charged and convicted of dodging military service, Israeli military prosecutors said.

Now, a military court has sentenced the yeshiva student to 5 days behind bars.

The student, identified as Yitzchak Efraim, was sentenced on Wednesday, by the military court in Tel Hashomer.

Before sentencing, the student told the judge that he will only listen to ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbis, and that those rabbis ordered him not to respond to military officials.

The student who attends the Grodno yeshiva in Ashdod, was booked in the Prison Six jail.

The student was not the only one to be jailed in Prison Six for dodging military service. Recently, three yeshiva students were jailed after they failed to show up at an IDF recruitment center.

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