Monday, February 3, 2014

Recordings in Rav Shteinman's Office confirms negotiations with IDF!

We reported this a year ago, that Rav Shteinman is the only "Gadol" with "Seichel," and knows that some deal with the IDF would have to be made.....

About 6 years ago, Rav Steinman came to Monsey and spoke words of chizuk to the Monsey Community at the Atrium Plaza on route 59. 
Outside were thousands of Satmar Chassidim bussed in from Williamsburg and Monroe cursing and yelling "Yemach Shemo" because Rav Shteinman's position always was that bochrim who don't learn should either go to work or join the IDF!

Yes! Absolutely! 

Everyone knows this position, except for the Yehivishe guys who don't want to believe that the Godol believes that some bochrim need to get out of Yeshiva .......because they would rather hang out in the halls and have their stupid parents or in the case of married Avreichim, have their father-in-laws pay or their wives work their tails off, while they goof off!

So, some "Shemgegie" from the Fanatical Rav Auerbach's group 
( Rav Auerbach  is a bachelor and never got married)  
knew Rav Shteinman's position and knew that he and his people were meeting with the IDF! 
So they secretly planted a recorder in Rav Shteinman's office to eavesdrop  and have evidence to  confirm the negotiations that Rav Shteinman had with the IDF, 
and "expose" Rav Shteinman. 

So now all hell is breaking loose, 
because the parasites always wanted to believe the people surrounding Rav Shteinman, that spread the lie, that Rav Shteinman wants nobody ever to join the IDF!

Because if they believed the truth they would have to get off their proverbial derrières and actually either join the army or work!

Those surrounding Rav Shteinman wanted to keep Rav Shteinman's view about the Army, secret. They didn't want it to get out that a Litvisher Gadol actually believes in his heart of hearts that it is important to uphold the kesubah and support the family, G-D Forbid!

Meanwhile the Shteinman camp are embarrassed because now the truth about Rav Shteinman's position is out for the whole wide world to hear! 

And now they want the guy who planted the recorder to go to jail!!!!

No Pidyan Shevuim here!

The Yeshivishe Bloggs have no idea what to do? 
Should they report it, then the world will know that their Rav, is for the Army, 
if they don't report it, people would be reading it in Haartetz and listen to Kol Berama Radio and hear the actual tapes exposing Rav Shteinman's position!
They wouldn't be able to spin the story!

So here is the report from THEYESHIVAWORLD, see how uncomfortable they they whitewash the truth! And see them spin a yarn full of lies!
Read how the spokesman from Rav Shteinman blatantly lies about Rav Shteinman's position vis a vis the army! 
Read they way they made the focal point of the whole story be about the secret recording and not about its content! 
Because the content is very damaging to the Yeshivishe Learning World!
I'll bet you Dollars to Donuts that soon the Roshei Yeshivah  will spread the word that Rav Shteinman is senile to protect their own interests!

All Bold letters, red and blue are DUS IZ NIES
All writings in the parentheses are ours as well!

Leaking information from private meetings between the gadol hador and his close associates to the media!

The case being dubbed the ‘Chareidi WikiLeaks’ has brought shock, criticism and anger to the chareidi community.

(Shock? the only "shock" is not that there was a secret recording, but that now all will know what Rav Shteinman really believes and holds)

The case involves eavesdropping in the home of HaGaon HaRav Aaron Yehuda Leib Shteinman Shlita. The leaked information seems to be based on illegal eavesdropping in the gadol hador’s home, simply recording private conversations between rabbonim surrounding the rav and 
senior IDF officers and politicians from the Bayit Yehudi party. 

Journalist Benny Rabinowitz, the official spokesman for R’ Shteinman’s home told Kol Berama Radio that the tape recordings are premised on “tendentious sources and dishonest quotes that have no basis in truth…” 

(No???? No basis of truth? So why are you so concerned? Who is the one talking to the IDF on tape? What part is not truthful? What "dishonest quotes?")

He made no effort to hide his anger, stating those responsible will be brought to justice. Rabinowitz used the harshest terms to describe an unprecedented level of chutzpah, to place a recording device in the home of the gadol hador and then leak information containing his words with his closest associates to the media!

(Notice he is angry  about the secret recording and the leak) 

The leaked information alleges
 (Alleges? there is no "alleges" there is a recording)
meetings between representatives of the rav surrounding the chareidi draft law. These meetings involved associates of the gadol hador, and R’ Shteinman had no personal involvement. 

(excuse me....R' Shteinman had no personal involvement? Didn't you just write in the above paragraph "leak information containing his words with his closest associates?")

The meetings were reportedly held with IDF Directorate Head of Planning Brigadier-General Gadi Agmon, MK (Bayit Yehudi) Ayelet Shaked, with the latter heading the committee finalizing the new draft law. 

The meetings apparently avoided a serious crisis over the new draft law.
The leaked information shows that the gadol hador has adopted a pragmatic attitude, seeking to find a workable solution amid a new reality,
("pragmatic?" this is not "pragmatic"he wants them to either work or join the army...simple)
while opponents feel this proves they are correct and they must step up their opposition as the R’ Shteinman camp is willing to make concessions.

(yes! it absolutely shows that Rav Shteinman is ready to make concessions, but there is nothing wrong with that! Now read the next paragraph for the "spin")

YWN-ISRAEL adds this is the line that Maran the Rosh Yeshiva Shlita has maintained all along, instructing talmidim to respond to draft orders and to complete forms with personal information, nothing more,
while HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Auerbach instructs his talmidim not to respond to the induction centers at all.

("nothing more?" That is a lie!!!!!! And the tapes prove that's a lie! So what you are saying is that the only difference between Rav Shteinman and Rav Auerbach is that Rav Shteinman wants them to complete the forms while Rav Auerbach doesn't? 
So this is the whole issue? 
This is what the whole scandal is about? .... we dont think so...)

Rabinowitz told Moti Lavi during the “Eight to Ten” program on Monday morning 3 Adar I 5774 that an official complaint has already been filed with police and “the person responsible for placing a recording device in the rav’s home belongs behind bars and we will see to it that he is placed there”. Rabinowitz angrily explained that the recording in secret in the rav’s home by a participant in the meetings “represents crossing all red lines”.

The recordings include praises showered on Shaked for her willingness to cooperate with the chareidi tzibur, adding “she has the integrity and fairness of a pilot”, noting her husband is a former fighter pilot.

The leaked information not only found its way to the chareidi media, but to Haaretz as well, which also reported that leaks were not limited to the chareidi draft issue but also addressing internal Degel Hatorah issues, including meetings of the Moetzas Gedolei Yisrael.

The leaked tapes report a private meeting was held in Maran’s home ahead of the convening of the Moetzas Gedolei Yisrael and they spoke of fears surrounding the passing of the new draft law, including an IDF induction center exclusively for chareidim, suggesting the new induction center should not become operational until the law is passed to avoid riots “which would not be good for us”.

The leaked information simply stated, enhances and highlights the split between Degel Hatorah and the split off faction, the followers of HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Auerbach Shlita, and just how bad the situation has become.

YWN-ISRAEL adds that over recent weeks all material surrounding this machlokes has been ignored, not wishing to be a vehicle to further machlokes. Hence reports on the differences between Bnei Brak and Yerushalayim have not appeared on YWN-ISRAREL.

However, due to the magnitude of these painful new developments, we have decided to report the Chareidi WikiLeaks to the tzibur at large.


In his interview with Kol Berama, Rabinowitz added “There was no direct or indirect connection between the home of Maran Rav Shteinman and military officials. 
The firm opinion of Rabbi Shteinman has not changed, even for a moment, not to compromise under any circumstances and that all talmidei yeshivos without exception will continue working on their limudim.

"not to compromise? Didn't we just read above that R' Shteinman has "adopted a pragmatic attitude?" Doesn't that mean "compromise? in plain english?)

“These words have been put in writing countless times. The situation, the lack of law regulating the status of bnei yeshivos as a result of the disqualification of the Tal Law leaves the only body authorized to deal with the postponement of military service by bnei yeshivos is the heads of the defense and security establishment, the IDF. Therefore, Degel askanim and rabbonim will continue addressing them towards permitting bnei Torah to continue limudim.”

Dus iz nies:
If these "words were put in writing" then why do  you care about the secret recordings?
Because the recordings prove that Rav Shteinman is all for non-learning bochrim to work or join the army! 
The "writings" on the other hand, might not reflect R' Shteinman's real opinions!


Anonymous said...

r auerbach was married. his wife passed away a few years ago. he has no children

Unknown said...

He was married

and with kids

Children Shmuel
Avraham Dov
Meir Simcha
Yaakov Auerbach

Anonymous said...

Yes his father had these children and he is the first one on the list! He had no children L"O.