Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Satmar defies the Talmud and prohibits makeup for all girls

 Mesachtas Shabbos (95a), and the Tosefta Shabbos (10:13), discuss using eye makeup on Shabbos, there are Amorim that permit a woman to put eye makeup on shabbos. 

The Gemmarah in Moed Katan (1:7) adds that it is an excepted custom for women and a "necessary adornment" for women to apply makeup on the Yomim Toivim. 
The Gemarrah in Mesachtas Kiddushin (73b) relates that women would apply eye makeup to newborn children.

Note that the Gemmarras do not distinguish between married and unmarried women.

Come the Satmar Amai Ratzim and prohibit makeup for any student attending the  Satmar Girl Schools:

The letter sent directly to all parents reads:
"A student from our "moised", of any age, can never apply makeup for any reason. Even if the student attends a wedding of a sister, brother, uncle, aunt, Bar-Mitzvah, engagement party etc."

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Satmar hate!